YAE: 2017-2018 Curriculum Choices


Our kids are now in grades 8, 6, 3, 1, & K and here are our curriculum choices for 2017-2018.

Group studies, things we will do altogether:

  • Morning Devotion
    • YAHUSHA – parables, miracles and words
    • Armour of YAHUAH
    • The Name Study
    • Sibling Relationships
  • Geography/History – Road Trip USA (learning a brief history of the 50 states)
    • This year I was going to do something else, but then YAHUAH placed it on my heart that I needed to lighten our load and have fun in this area.  Since this is our second time through RTU for 2 of the kids and I wanted to include our kindergartner so, I printed maps from National Geographic for free – each different for each child, which we worked on assembling last week.  Then on Mondays we will do one state, Tuesdays another state, Wednesday’s cooking and/or start a craft project, Thursdays we don’t do Geography, and on Fridays start or finish a craft project.  So far the kids have said “this is fun.”
  • Various Read Alouds
  • Physical Fitness – Family Time Fitness, Walk Away the Pounds, Walking and Park visits

8th Grade

  • Bible – Individual scripture studies
  • Math – Teaching TextBooks – Alegbra 1
  • Language Arts (includes spelling) – Introduction to English Literacy – English Lit 1
  • Science – Apologia Physical Science
  • Music – Guitar
  • Other: German Language, Robotics, Woodcarving, Coding, Photography, Sewing, Knitting, Home Etc.

6th Grade

  • Bible – Individual scripture study
  • Math – Teaching Text Books 6
  • Language Arts – Grammar Workbook by Brookdale House
  • Science – Apologia Zoology 2
  • Other: French Language, Robotics, Photography, Sewing, Knitting, Home Etc.

3rd Grade

  • Bible – Individual scripture study
  • Math – Teaching Text Books 3
  • Language Arts – Shurley English
  • Science – Apologia Zoology 2
  • Handwriting – Cursive
  • Other: Spanish Language, Robotics, Photography, Sewing, Knitting, Home Ec

1st Grade

  • Bible – group devotion
  • Math – Horizons 1
  • Language Arts – LifePac 1st Grade
  • Science – Various Subjects into Engineering, Various Hands on Science, Participate in Apologia Zoology 2
  • Handwriting – Manuscript


  • Bible – group devotion
  • Math – LifePac K
  • Language Arts – LifePac K
  • Science – Various Subjects into Engineering, Various Hands on Science, Participate in Apologia Zoology 2
  • Handwriting – Manuscript

Stem and Crafts – These are two areas that I have worked to incorporate more time in our schedule.  My plan is to have a different thing  for each child to work in on, then rotate that activity to another child (age appropriate of course) after 3-4 weeks.  This way no one has to stop building in order to give the activity to someone else.  In the areas were the activity is targeted for a specific child, that child will have time to develop their talent/skill/interest (ie guitar, sewing, woodworking).  So here are things I have so far:

Lego Machines

Snap Circuits

Gravity Maze



Crafting – for our 10 year old who prefers crafts

Every couple of weeks I plan to add 1-2 new items such as: woodworking, Simple Machines, robotics, a rock nature pack and more crafts as the kids interests develop

I also have hands on teaching time in the kitchen with each child (a different one) each.  I also take time and  play games with each child one on one.  I am also starting back our “girl time” that we started last year.

I will be sharing more details on all the above soon!

Y.A.E. – Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons – for the 5th time

One day last week, while I observed our 4-year-old son sound out words, I reflected on the first time I used Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons to teach our eldest born daughter to read.  Now I wish I had known what I knew now, it would have been much easier.

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons – was the first curriculum I used and I used it as it was written and taught our daughter to read in 6 months – just before she turned 4 years old.  She learned it fast and well, but it was not without much struggle, mostly mine because I did not understand how she learned only what I wanted her to learn.

The second time I used it for our second born daughter, I made flash cards for every word after lesson 10.  I had our daughter spend one day a week reviewing the words and I was more relaxed on her learning to write.  This approach took about 9 months.

The third time I used it,  was with our third born daughter while I was pregnant with our 5th child.  We spent a lot time re-doing the lessons until I felt she was confident in reading them.  Again, I relaxed more and stressed less on handwriting. This approach took about a year, with very few tears.

The fourth time I used it, was with our fourth child and first son.  We had a lot going on so we did lessons only three times a week. I found some worksheets on-line for the handwriting part and he picked that up well.  This was very easy and took about a year as well, very few frustrations.

Now, the fifth time I am using it with our 5th child and 2nd son.  I have changed quite a bit.  1) I have each word on a card and he reviews new words every few days; 2)  I bought some magnetic letters and he finds the letters to the words first and then sounds them out; 3) I don’t give him daily treats to make him do the lesson, if he is having one of those days or if I know that I am short on time (because sometimes life happens), we will just do review; 4) as for handwriting, he’ll get it soon enough!

Our second son, had picked up reading so well that I have not had to re-do lessons.  He is smiling and happy at the end of our time.  He jumps out of his chair and dashes to legos!!!

For all of our children, we had a reading party for them when they finished.  I found this reading chart, which they marked off daily and when they finished (or will finish) lesson 100, they received a small party-balloons, streamers, party favors and a favorite food.