Shabbat Message: HE Is GOOD All The Time

Are you down?  Are you experiencing trials and tribulations in life?  Do you feel that YAHUAH is far from you?

YAHUAH never promised us that life would be perfect or trouble free.  Despite life’s trials, tribulations and our sin – YAHUAH is good all the time.  Sometimes the circumstances we find ourselves in – are YAHUAH’s unknown deliverances to keep Him at the center of our lives.  Furthermore, the trials and tribulations of life can teach us endurance or are ment for us to help someone else.

Receive the encouragement that you need from YAHUAH’s Word in HE is Good All the Time


Shabbat Message – A Question of Faith

Are you ready for change in your life?  Do you feel as if something isn’t right?  Have somethings happened to you that have opened the door in your heart to bitterness, hatred, strife and unforgiveness?

What is the role of forgiveness in our lives?  Are we able to allow YAHUAH to burn the flame of forgiveness in our lives to be free or are we choosing to be consumed with unforgiveness, bitterness, hatred and strife – preparing ourselves to burn in the flames of eternity?

This life changing, compelling Shabbat message brings up  and answers the Question About Faith.  Come listen and let the Father YAHUAH bring forth The Freedom that HE Desires For You in:  A Question of Faith.

What Mercy Did For Me?

Have you learned the truth about the Name of the Father and His Son, but have found yourself tired and frustrated, feeling weighed down by “current” correct word pronunciations?  Or laws that seem to bind your faith into joyless worship?  Or maybe no real worship or praise at all?  What happened to mercy?  What saves a person?

Be encouraged and changed in this excellent message What Mercy Did For Me?


Shabbat Message: What Did HE See?

What do you do when you look in the mirror and all you see is your past?

What do you do when all that people see is the you who you used to be?

What do you do when all you want is to worship YAHUSHA HaMashiach who has done so very much for you-but others remind you of your sins or try to distract you from worship?

Hear all this and more in this wonderful Shabbat Message: What Did He See?

Salvation Through Faith in YAHUSHA HaMashiach and Him Alone – Not The Torah

Salvation Through Faith in YAHUSHA HaMashiach and Him Alone – Not The Torah

Hear More of the Audio Words of Life – The Audio Renewed Covenant

My Testimony of Healing Our Son

Sometimes it seems like a distant memory.  Sometimes it seems like yesterday.  When I think of what we went through just a few short years ago, I can see how YAHUAH was there for us.  Let me go back and share our story…

A Positive Test.

This can’t be right.

Second positive test.

Complete denial.

Now a third time, the pink lines showed on the pregnancy test strip.

How could we be pregnant again?  We just had a miscarriage three months ago, and now a positive test.

I was in denial.  My husband knew but I could not believe it.  For the next few weeks, I was a nervous wreck.  Would we miscarry again?  Why did we miscarry in the first place?

Eventually we made it to three months, then six months, all seemed well.  But I knew this child was different.  This was our first son.  His movements were strong and wonderful.  But at around the seventh or eighth month, I felt something different.  Something was wrong.  I went to the hospital and they decided to keep me overnight for watching.  My doctor said to keep me on the baby monitor and what they saw concerned them.

The baby was having Tachycardia.

The sonographer, didn’t notice anything on the ultra sound, so I was released and told to rest.  I rested as much as we could but with three children under 6 years old, rest was a big challenge.

Finally I made it to 38 weeks and my OB said she would induce me that Sabbath.  That was a Sabbath during The Festival of Matazah.  I went to my normal weekly appointment at the diabetes doctor ready for the heads up to be induced the next day.  But as the doctor did the ultrasound, he noticed something.  Something very bad.  At first he told me to get dressed and he would review the video and then come back with the results.

When he came back, he said he needed to look again to be sure that I would be able to induced, because my placenta was blocking my cervix.  I would have to have a c-section.

My heart trembled at his words.  A c-section.  I never wanted one of those.  I wanted to give birth normally.  Was this some kind of joke?

But then he showed me the video…I had placenta preveia.

I was told that my OB did c-sections on Tuesdays and that they were sending the report to her.

I stumbled out to my husband who was waiting for me in the van.  I told him what the doctor said through tears.  Immediately we called my mom to get her to come to stay with the girls.

The next two days were shear misery.  Filled with fear and anxiety.   To add to it, it was during the Festival of Matzah!

Finally D-day (the day after the Festival ended) came and I was prepped and rolled into surgery.  My OB who had delivered our last two children came in and stepped up on her step (she was very short) and the blue curtain went up.  The c-section went well and our first son was born at 10:59 am.  A few minutes later my husband and our son were taken to another area and I was stitched up.

About an hour later I was taken to a new room where my mother and daughters were waiting for me.  Then I waited, and waited and waited for nearly 3 hours.  I did not know what was happening to our son.  I became desperate!  Where was our son?  Why wasn’t he here?  When was he coming?  I was thinking of unhooking my pain meds and going on a search for him right when my husband came in with him.

For the first time, I held our son.  He was beautiful.  He was wonderful.  He nursed so well from the beginning that I called him my champion nurser!

Fast forward, twelve days later in the dark hours of Sunday morning…

Something was wrong.  Our son had stopped nursing.  He was squirming, seeming like he was in pain.  We checked his diaper.  Nothing.  We tried to burp him.  Nothing.  We swaddled him. Nothing.  He went to sleep off and on for a few hours, nursing very weakly.  At around 9 am he stopped even trying to nurse.  He stopped responding.  I took his clothes off and did all the other things I had learned to do when a baby won’t nurse.  I re-read through my books on problems with nursing.  Nothing helped.  Finally my husband said to call the doctor.  I called but was told that I would have to wait for the on-call doctor to call back.  We waited.  Minutes begin to tick by.  Our sons’ lips begin to turn slightly blue…I told my husband.

My husband said we are going to the ER!  On our way to the ER the nurse finally called said to bring him to the ER but we were already on our way.

When we arrived at the ER they didn’t know how to get a blood pressure cuff on his little body.  The moments when it did stay on, his heartbeat was fast.  Tachyicardia.  I knew it but did not know what it really meant.  They sent nurse after nurse to try and put an IV in.  Nothing worked.  They had never had a newborn in the ER.   They told me to give him formula. Nothing worked.

Finally a little NICU doctor from India who just happened (I believe he was sent) to be walking through the ER came in.  He suggested that some babies don’t do well with breast milk but then when he put on his stethoscope within 10 seconds he said:

“I know what is wrong with your baby.”

“He has SVT and needs to get up to the NICU right now.”

Immediately I was wheeled up to the NICU with him in my arms and my husband and daughters watching us go.   When I came through the NICU doors, a nurse took him from me and directed me to a nearby chair.

A swarm of nurses and that little doctor surrounded the bed where he laid.  Minutes ticked by.  Then finally the doctor came over and said:

“Your son is stable but we will need to keep him for a few days.  We were able to bring him out of SVT with ice and he is responding to medication.  We do not know when he will be going home.”

In the coming days we learned that our son was born with Wolf-Parkinson White with SupraVentricular Tachycardia.  WPW  is an extra electrical connection in the heart. SVT is when the heart beats extremely fast.  We were trained on how to care for him, told that we will be seeing a cardiologist soon and sent home four days later.

Our lives changed.  Everywhere we went, we had to have ice, a stethoscope and medicine.  We had to check his heart rate frequently and give him medication every 8 hours.  Our nights became sleepless and our worry and prayers abundant.

For several months he had no issues.  Then when my mom came to visit again later, we went to the park.  He was in the stroller and began to cry.  Nervously, I checked his heart rate…nope couldn’t count it so I began vagel maneuvers..right there at the park.  He came right out but I was a complete wreck.  Off and on for a year he would have the SVT, but he always came out of it.  Then when he was about 23 months, he began having them daily and the length of time he was in SVT was beginning to last longer.  Instead of 2-5 minutes, now it was 20-60 minutes.  Sometimes we would bring him out and he would go right back into another episode.

Finally our pediatric cardiologist said since he was at the highest dose of medicine that he would have to see what else he could do.  He didn’t think that heart surgery would be an option until our son was four years old – two more years to go.  We received a call a few hours later that, the head cardiologist would perform the ablation surgery the following week.

I will never forgot that day.  After they prepped him, the nurse told me to carry him to the double doors and hand him to the nurses.  The walk down the hall was the longest walk of my life.  This was maybe the last time we hold him because there is a risk in any surgery.

For hours my husband and I waited with our then three month old second son.  Finally a nurse brought our son back.  I thought I was going to jump through the roof!!!!!  Our son was back.  He was back…praise be to YAHUAH.  HalleluYAH to His Set-Apart Name!  Thank Him for His mercy.

A little while later, the cardiologist came and she said this was one of the most challenging surgeries she’d ever done.  They had to trigger the SVT in order to accurately find the WPW.  She said she had never seen a heart beat that fast… well over 300 bpm!

Our son is now nearly 7 years old.  We have had no problems at all.  He is an awesome son and can build anything!  Praise be to YAHUAH for guiding the physicians hands and zapping the SVT out.

“Honour a physician with the honour due unto him for the uses which you may have of him: for YAHUAH has created him.” Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 38:1 – et Cepher 2nd Edition

“Then give place to the physician, for YAHUAH has created him: let him not go from you, for you have need of him.  There is a time when in their hands there is good success.”  Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 38:12-13 – et Cepher 2nd Edition

There were times we felt like we were going to lose our mind with worry…we know that it was only by YAHUAH’s hands that He brought us through to have a healthy son.  Marvin Sapp Never Would Have Made It hit home for this season in our life.




Shabbat Encouragement: Don’t Look Back

What do you do when your memories seem to hold you captive and your hopes and dreams are no longer attainable?

From time to time we all look back over situations and moments in life.  Sometimes we look back with smiles, sometimes with tears and sometimes there is regret; But sometimes it is time for us to realize what we need to stop looking back…  http://ExaltedLifeFellowshipInYAHUSHA.Life/Dont_Look_Back.html

Who Was She? Deborah, Channah, Edna and Sarah – Married Again? Is there any hope?

In case you missed the any part of the story, be sure to read, Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.  Remember, Toviyahu was also called Tobit and he also named his son Toviyahu.  So that the story is easier to understand, I have chosen to refer to Toviyahu the father as Tobit and Toviyahu the son as, Toviyahu.

Finally in Tobit Chapter 7, Toviyahu and Azaryahu (the angel Raph’el) made it to Ecbatane were Re’u’el lives and were greeted by Sarah.  Being a gentleman and a son of order, Toviyahu did not immediately disclose what they were there for.  In verse v2, Edna, Sarah’s mothers, says that Toviyahu resembles her cousin Toviyahu (Tobit) very much, yet Toviyahu did not reveal that he was Toviyahu’s (Tobit’s) son.

Re’u’el then asks where they are from. They respond by saying they are captives in Niyneveh.  Immediately Re’u’el asks if they know their kinsman Toviyahu?

Toviyahu then says that he is Toviyahu’s son and tells of his father becoming blind. At the hearing of the news, Re’u’el, Edna and Sarah all weep and are are sorrowful for Toviyahu (Tobit).  Then Re’u’el has a ram of his flock killed and they have a good time together.  Finally Raph’el spoketo Re’u’el about Sarah.  Re’u’el was elated!!!  A kinsmen has come to redeem his daughter, by right of inheritance!  An honest man, Re’u’el says to Toviyahu:

“For it is meet that you marry my daughter: nevertheless I will declare unto you the Truth.  I have given my daughter in marriage to seven men, who died that night they came in unto her: nevertheless for the present be merry.” v10-11

So Re’u’el and Toviyahu made an agreement with one another and Re’u’el calls his daughter Sarah in and says to them:

“Behold, take her after the Torah of Mosheh and lead her away to your father. And he blessed them.” v13

Then Re’u’el called Edna into them, then he wrote the covenants down on paper and sealed them.  Then he told Edna to prepare another chamber (room).

I can only imagine how Edna must have felt for her daughter as she had prepared this chamber now for the eighth time.  I imagine that she was somewhat sorrowful, all the while praying this was the last time her daughter would have to go through this.  Who would want to see their child suffer?  Her only daughter, whose hope was to be a wife, who had kept herself and not brought shame to her father, was plagued and stopped from fulfilling that which is natural!  Like all mothers do, she had hopes of celebrating this time with her daughter, would she have joy this time?

Now when she had done what Re’u’el had asked, she brought her daughter in and they-mother and daughter wept together.

Here they were again, in a lovely room.  Sweet fragrance. Inviting of a new season, maybe.

Only a sliver of hope that this time it might be different.

This time he won’t die.

Her scorn might end.

Her torment might end.

Together they wept.

Tears of broken dreams.

A mother who could do nothing to stop the pain her daughter felt and might feel again.

Tears of a daughter who was on the brink of losing it.  Why me, she might have said.  What is wrong with me?  What have I done to deserve this?

Despite her own fear of it happening again, Edna, her mother, sweetly comforted Sarah with these words:

“Be of good comfort, my daughter, YAHUAH of heaven and earth give you joy for this sorrow: be of good comfort, my daughter.” v18

In many ways, I believe that we mothers have lost this type of connection with our daughters.  We are told that big girls don’t cry and to get on with life as young girls.  Then we repeat the same words to our own daughters!

When children are small, it is easier to be compassionate to them, but as they age, expectations change, we as mothers, may not sympathize with our daughters as much.  Over the last year or so, I have purposely decided to do things differently.  Many times, when our daughters are crying,  whether I agree with the reason or not, I grab them and hold them.  I tell them it is okay to cry.  I try not to down play their tears and see their hearts.  I am not perfect and sometimes I forget.  But I want them to know that it is okay to cry and that sometimes tears are comforting.  I pray that YAHUAH would give me words of comfort and encouragement for our daughters in their times of sorrow.

I can remember hearing my own mother’s tears as I wept and told her what was happening with our 12 day old son as he was in the NICU for WPW with SVT.   There are also somethings a mom just knows.  Many times she has shared a word of encouragement, even when I haven’t disclosed a trial.

I want to say that my own dad choose not to be apart of my life, so I only know the comfort I receive from our heavenly Father, YAHUAH, daily.  Our three daughters, do have the blessing of experiencing the comfort from their father every day and I am truly thankful.  He grabs them, holds them and hugs them everyday and I know our daughters will always know that they are truly “Daddies Girls” and “Mommies Pretty Momma’s” all their life.

So mothers let us prepare our daughters for the next season and let us comfort our daughters more!

Next what happens in the chamber and a feast!




The Seventh Day Shabbat

The Shabbat is truly a blessing that YAHUAH has given us.  I have been keeping Shabbat for 14 years now and I love it more with each passing week.  When I was a teenager, I began reading the scriptures cover to cover every year.  I remember reading about the Shabbat and wondering why we were resting on the first day, I never saw that it was changing in the scriptures.  In my mid-twenties, I worked up the courage to ask the church leadership that I was under at the time about the seventh day Shabbat and they pretty much just said that keeping the seventh day Shabbat was a law that we weren’t bound to anymore.  On the surface I accepted their answer but on the inside I believed that they were wrong.  If the fourth commandment wasn’t valid anymore, what about the other nine commandments?

Around the time that I started asking questions, I went to one of the office supply stores for a new planner and what did I find????? Planners that started on Monday making Sunday the 7th day of the week!!! What!!!!!

A few months before I turned 26, I met my husband who had grown up a Shabbat keeper.  Though we had a few debates early on about the Shabbat, I knew that he was right and I was glad he showed me the historical facts revealing the whole truth.

We’ve been married a little over 14 years and the Shabbat is a permanent foundation in our home.  I love it.  I look forward to it.  As we have continued to grow together, we have learned even more.  I invite you to learn more as well in this encouraging, revealing message presented by my husband on the Shabbat:

The Seventh Day Shabbat

Here are some key verses regarding the Shabbat:

Shabbat is keep in heaven and keep by two classes of angels Yovheliym (Jubliees) 2:18-19   – this was spoken to Mosheh by the angel of presence when he was on the mountain 40 days and nights (see Yovheliym 2:1 and 50:13)

Shabbath…to eat, to drink and to Bless YAHUAH. Yovheliym (Jubliees) 2:22

Shabbat is a Delight YeshaYahu 58:13-14

Shabbath is a sign through all generations.  Shemoth (Exodus) 31:12-17

Shabbath…All Flesh Shall Come to Worship. YeshaYahu (Isaiah 66:22-23)