Who Was She? Tsipporah – Final Words


Shalom Sisters in YAHUAH,

I pray that you have been blessed, encouraged and strengthened by this study of the uplifting glimpse into the life of Tsipporah.  We should strive to be ready with eagerness to spread the bread of YAHUAH’s Word, to point those who thirst to the water of the well which never runs dry that is full of salvation through YAHUSHA HaMashiach.  We must be able to see in the Ruach what YAHUAH reveals to us and be ready to act as He leads us, to help others. As followers of YAHUAH and His Son YAHUSHA we must rest in knowing that He has our greater good at hand, even if it means being moved away for a season or two for the purpose of safety.

I pray that YAHUAH our Elohim would bless the work of your hands and use you in ways you never thought of, only for His esteem. 

Remember you don’t have to sin to win but rather you can be:

bad-copy mad-copy

 Without losing yourself and/or harming others.

 This study on women in The Scriptures is not over! By YAHUAH’s leading I will be doing more scripture studies – specifically for women!  I want to thank my Husband for proof-reading this study for me and our oldest daughter for her help with the graphics!

 Shalom and may YAHUAH Blessed You!

Who Was She? Tsipporah – Lessons Learned


If you missed the other parts in Tsipporah’s study, feel free to read them:

Introducing Tsipporah, Tsipporah Part 1, Tsipporah Part 2 and Tsipporah Part 3

There are awesome lessons be to found in Tsipporah’s study that we can learn from.  Here are some that I found:

  • She showed patience and compassion by feeding Mosheh for 10 years and waiting for the right time to remind her father about him. Sometimes YAHUAH might lead us to help someone by feeding them spiritually with the bread and water of the word, this feeding might take years to get the person delivered.
  • She showed her courage and was wise in her words when she reminded her father about Mosheh. She didn’t come at him in a threatening matter, telling her father off, becoming loud or boisterous.  All women know that if you come at a man that wrong way, he will not hear you!
  • She showed her faith in YAHUAH and we must learn to do so with our words, recalling all that YAHUAH has done for us and others.
  • Her father valued her so much that he said that whoever could pull the Stick of YAHUAH out of his garden could have Tsipporah as a wife. The value that a father places on his daughter is very important.  If a father values his daughter (s), she will value herself and in most cases, she will not seek value in a man who does not value her, the same as or more than her father.  Furthermore her father protected her from men who were unworthy of such a righteous woman!  Only the man who had a right to be Tsipporah’s man/husband could pull up the Stick of YAHUAH and Mosheh was that man/husband.
  • She was swift and feared YAHUAH which is evident in her actions that rescued her husband and her son.  Just as with Judith (study coming soon), I believe YAHUAH, used these women, Tsipporah and Judith, to bring deliverance in the lives of those around them.  I do not believe Tsipporah did anything for her own esteem.  I do not think she was trying to become great, nor take the place of her husband by circumcising Gershom. Furthermore, this circumcision is before YAHUSHA, and what the emissaries taught about keeping the law.
  • Tsipporah was righteous and is called righteous, oh how we all would desire to be called righteous!!! As women who fear YAHUAH, we must learn to be virtuous, trustworthy, meek, peaceful, prudent, and righteous in all that we do!

Here are a few scripture pictures to help us all focus on becoming better women:


Mishlei (Proverbs) 31:11


Mishlei (Proverbs) 19:14


Ecclesiaticus 26:22


Ecclesiaticus 26:3


Ecclesiaticus 26:2ecc-26_1

Ecclesiaticus 26:1


1 Kepha (Peter) 3:3-4
















Who Was She? Tsipporah – Part 3




In case you missed the Introduction of Tsipporah and Part 1 here they are:

Introducing Tsipporah

Tsipporah Part 1

Tsipporah Part 2


Did you know that Tsipporah is counted as one of the righteous women in the Scriptures?


How awesome it is to be counted a righteous woman!

We have a little more to learn about this awesome righteous woman.  Next we learn that she bore Mosheh two sons, Gershom and Eliy’ezer.  Gershom, whom Mosheh did not circumcised because Re’u’el said not to and Eliy’ezer, whom Mosheh did circumcise.

Tsipporah must have known that YAHUAH commanded all males to be circumcised but she did not rise up and make a big fuss about it when Mosheh followed the advice of Reu’el by not circumcising Gershom.  However after YAHUAH appears to Mosheh and tells him to go get the children of Yisra’el out of Mitsraym, while on the way back to Mitsrayim, the angel of ELOHYIM came down and was looking for a way to kill Mosheh.  For reasons unknown to us, Mosheh did not know what the problem was, but The Scriptures tell us that:

“Tsipporah saw the angel of YAHUAH seeking an occasion against Mosheh and she knew that this was owing to his not having circumcised her son Gershom.  And Tsipporah hastened and took of the sharp rock stones that were there, and she circumcised her son, and delivered her man and her son from the angel of YAHUAH.”   Yashar 79:11-12

She did what needed to be done!  Again…


As they continued on Aharon, Mosheh’s brother, meets up with them.  Mosheh introduces his wife and children to Aharon and they continue on the journey.  But somewhere along the way, Aharon starts feeling grieved and tells Mosheh to send Tsipporah and their two sons back to her father’s house.  We are not told why Aharon is grieved.  Maybe because of the actions of the Phar’oh’s against the children of Yisra’el were so severe that Aharon did not want Mosheh’s wife and children to suffer.  Maybe they were moving slower than Aharon wanted to go.  Whatever the reason, Mosheh agrees and sends them away.

I can only imagine how she must have felt.  Having known Mosheh for more than 10 years (we are not told how old the boys are so I cannot say exactly how long Mosheh was in Midyan) her heart must have hurt by having to leave the man who had protected her at the well.  The man whom she had grown in her belief of YAHUAH with;  the man who won the honor of being her man;  the man who was the father of their two children and the man who more than likely had become her friend…now was being led to go deliver his people without her.

She no doubt had questions such as how long would this take.  When would he be back?  Would he even come back?  Would he be safe? What would she do without him?  Why did she have to return to her father’s house?  What would she do now?

I believe that YAHUAH was moving her back to her father’s house so that she and their sons would be protected:

“And Tsipporah returned with her children, and they went to the house of Re’u’el, and remained there until the time arrived when YAHUAH had visited his people, and brought them forth from Mitsrayim from the hand of Phar’oh.”  Yashar 79:18

During the next few years, Tsipporah and her sons remained with her father until he took them to Mosheh in the wilderness.  I can just imagine the “family reunion” that took place.  Tsipporah was probably happy and very over joyed to see Mosheh again.  Mosheh her man, her protector, her covering, her love, her friend, the father of her children was standing here, after several years.  I can only imagine the feelings she must of felt.  The relief that washed over her heart.  The burden that was lifted from her being.

The Scriptures do not say anything else about Tsipporah, how or when she died.  However, we know that she was a righteous, courageous woman and a faithful woman to whom we can all learn from.

Up next Lessons from Tsipporah!


Who Was She? Tsipporah – Part 2




In case you missed the Introduction of Tsipporah and Part 1 here they are:

Introducing Tsipporah

Tsipporah Part 1



“And Re’u’el her father answered and said to her, “Has ever such a thing happened that a man should be shut up in a prison without food for ten years, and that he should live?” Yashar 77:31


I love Tsipporah’s proclamation of the power of YAHUAH!  She probably learned from Mosheh the miraculous things that YAHUAH did and Tsipporah uses this opportunity to persuade her father to see if this Iviry who serves YAHUAH is still alive.  So Re’u’el agrees to see if Mosheh is alive.   They go to the prison and find him standing on his feet praising YAHUAH.  What a surprise this must have been to Re’u’el and all those around him!

Mosheh is then brought out, shaved and given bread.  Later when Mosheh is praying to YAHUAH in Re’u’el’s garden he sees the stick of YAHUAH:


Re’u’el knew the value of his daughter, Tsipporah, because he set a high goal, that if any man could pull the sapphire stick out of the ground then they could have Tsipporah as a wife.  Many came, but none could get it out, until Mosheh.  Mosheh simply looked at it and pulled it up, not knowing that if he did that Tsipporah would be his woman.


And so Mosheh becomes Tsipporah’s man (husband).  For 10 years, YAHUAH provided for Mosheh through Tsipporah.  She could have chosen not to help him at all. However she was courageous enough to help the man that helped her and her sisters.


Part 3 is up next!


Who Was She? Tsipporah – Part 1


tsipporah-cover2First she was one of the seven daughters of Re’u’el (Yithro) the priest of Midyan.  We don’t know which one of the seven she was nor how old she was, perhaps the youngest because there is no mention of her sisters later in the story.

Second, while she was out tending to the sheep Mosheh helped her and her sisters.  It is very interesting to know exactly how Mosheh came to this particular well.  In the story we read in most Scriptures, all we know is that Mosheh fled Mitsrayim and it seems as though he went straight to Midyan.  Not so!  Again please read the complete story in the book of Yashar in the Cepher 2nd Edition which will give you even more into the life of Mosheh because the focus of this study is on Tsipporah.

When Mosheh left Mitsrayim, he went down to Kush and helped them fight Aram.  Nine years later, when the King dies in battle the people of Kush decide to make him (Mosheh) their new King over them and gave Mosheh the previous King’s woman (Adoniah the Kushiy) as his wife.   For forty years he ruled Kush, however he never was intimate with Adoniah and he refused to bow down to their mighty ones.  These two facts made the Queen extremely upset so she initiated the process of getting rid of Mosheh as their King and replaced him with her son from the previous King.  Although the Kushiy people were not happy with him as king, he was able to leave in peace and they gave him many gifts in great honor.   Yashar 72-76

Okay now back to Tsipporah…so then Mosheh leaves and goes to Midyan and he sits down by a well.  Along came Re’u’el’s seven daughters to feed their father’s flock.  While the daughters were watering the flock, some shepherds came and drove them away.  However Mosheh rose up and helped the women to water their flock.  The women then returned to their father telling him that “A Mitsriy man” has delivered us from the hands of the shepherds, he drew up water for us and watered the flock.” Yashar 76:18.

So Re’u’el sends for Mosheh to come and he, Mosheh, dines with them.  Mosheh shares with Re’u’el that he had fled from Mitsrayim, that he reigned 40 years over Kush but that the people took the reign from him because he would not go into the Queen (be intimate with her) nor would he worship their mighty ones.

Instead of believing Mosheh, Re’u’el choses to believe that Mosheh fled from the people of Kush so he has him put into prison, thinking surely someone will come looking for him! Yashar  76:22

Now it is Tsipporah’s turn:



In my opinion Tsipporah showed compassion on Mosheh and probably believed that he was innocent.  After all what type of man would help seven women feed their flocks?

So we see that for ten years, somehow Tsipporah fed Mosheh bread and brought him water secretly.   During that time Mosheh surely told Tsipporah all about his life and the Elohim which he worshiped.  A bond must have formed between them and as result she began to believe in YAHUAH.  This is evident in her conversation with her father about Mosheh later on when she reminds her father that Mosheh was put in the prison:

“And Elohiym saw the burden of the children of Yisra’el, and their heavy work in those days, and he determined to deliver them.  And Mosheh the son of Amram was still confined in the dungeon in those days, in the house of Re’u’el the Midyaniy, and Tsipporah the daughter of Re’u’el did support with food secretly day by day.  And Mosheh was confined in the dungeon in the house Re’u’el for ten years.  And at the end of ten years which was the first year of the reign of Phar’oh over Mitsrayim, in the place of his father.


Mosheh was innocent of any wrong doing, however YAHUAH had a purpose for him:  “…for the thing was from YAHUAH, for the period had arrived which he had appointed in the days of old, to bring forth Yisra’el from the affliction of the children of Cham.”   Yashar 76:12

She was also very wise in approaching her father, Re’u’el.  This is an area that many women, including myself can learn from.  She could have told her father when he chose to put Mosheh in prison that she thought he was wrong.  She could have wearied him by continually asking when he was going let Mosheh out of prison.  She could have been loud and telling everyone what she was doing…but she did not.

Sometimes it is not good to bring up issues right away.   Sometimes we have to wait on YAHUAH to tell us when to speak.  Waiting is hard.  Tsipporah waited 10 long years.

Part 2 is up next!


Who Was She? Introducing Tsipporah


In The Scriptures that most people read, Tsipporah’s (Zipporah) role in The Scriptures is easily overlooked.  I believe she is often overlooked because so little was known about her.  When I read of the wife of Mosheh, I only knew was that she was Reu’els’ (Yithro/Jethro) daughter and that she helped to avert the anger of YAHUAH by circumcising their son while they were on their way returning to Mitsraym when YAHUAH sough to kill him.

I always wondered how they met, how did she know what YAHUAH was angry about, what type of daughter was she and what other words might she have spoken.  So while reading the book of Yashar -which is one of the books that were taken out of the scriptures after 1611 – I learned numerous things about her and exciting insights into the middle parts of Mosheh’s life (like where exactly did he go after leaving Mitsrayim).



Please Note:  The story of Tsipporah is about woman who was brought together to Mosheh by YAHUAH’s providence.  In sharing this information about Tsipporah I am not advocating that women of YAHUAH go into the prisons and find a man to provide support to.  Tsipporah was a mighty woman because YAHUAH’s hand was in and over her life and she listened to Him.  I pray that YAHUAH help all of us women of YAHUAH to be in the center of YAHUAH’s will as Tsipporah was.

Up next part 1!



Who Was She? Encouragement from the Lives of Women in the Scriptures


In my youth when I would read the scriptures, I would make a mental note of the women, especially since there are not that many of them.  When we do read of women, in many cases not much is known about them.  In the last few years, I have taken time to think about a few women as I have been able to learn more about them and see how I can learn from them.  The standard 66 book bible misses some key women and points in the lives of others.  The Eth Cepher  which contains 87 books (21 that were taken out of all Scriptures that printed after 1611 when mass printing began in order to make the Scriptures lighter) has numerous stories and so much more information.

For example, in the  Eth Cepher the story of Tsipporah is given background and her role in Mosheh’s life (by the way did you know Mosheh was once a King) is way more profound in the book of Yashar (Jashar).   Here we learn of her bravery and courage before she married Mosheh.  She is even called one of the righteous daughters after Sarah, Rivqah,
Rachel and Le’ah (Yashar 78:8).

In another story and one my most favorite is that of Judith.  A virtuous, wise woman who YAHUAH helped to deliver Yisra’el from the hand of the Assyrians!

Recently I read a story about two wives (wives of Yishma’el), neither have names mentioned however their actions and attitudes are worth learning from.

I also, I read about Sarah in the book of Toviyahu (Torbit) whom married seven husbands, but they all died the night of the wedding!!!  Her story is quite intriguing and her deliverance is wonderful.

In almost all of the women I study, I found that they were BAD and MAD:

bad-copy mad-copy

In most cases they sought YAHUAH, they prayed and are remembered for their righteous.  I also found that they did not sin to win.  In the world today, sin is abounding more and more however, according to YAHUAH we do not have to sin.   Through Your heavenly Father YAHUAH and His Son YAHUSHA HAMASHIACH we can be over-comers.

From a few of the women we can learn how not to be as women, wives and daughters of YAHUAH.

I am working on a new studies every and chance I get, however, I have two studies finished so far and they will be posted in the next coming days:


Tsipporah: A Righteous, Courageous, YAHUAH Fearing Woman


by the hand of a Woman: the remarkable story of Yahudith (Judith)