The Book of Chanok

A few years ago, my husband told me about a scriptures that he was going to order that contains all original 87 books of the bible (the standard well known bible only contains 66).  We have an Apocrypha which contains a few of the books but there were a few that were not included in it either, such as Chanok (Enoch), Yashar (Jasher), Yovheliym (Jubliees), Toviyahu (Torbit), the books of Baruk and others.

This scriptures is called Eth Cepher.

A few days after my husband told me about it, arrived.  At first I was unimpressed and totally not interested.  The Eth Cepher is very heavy and a bit on the expensive side.   However, the next morning, which was Sabbath, I sat down and started reading the book of Chanok.  The book of Chanok, was written by Chanok, whom we know as Enoch, and he is called A Scribe of Righteousness.

Some of the things in Chanok include:

  • The Heavens described in detail – YAHUAH’s throne
  • The Elect One – YAHUSHA!!!!!
  • Where lightening, rain, thunder, etc. come from
  • The messengers who took wives on earth and corrupted it!
  • Noach’s birth
  • Chanok’s words to his family

My husband was a little sick that day and asked that I read aloud.  I read for nearly 8 hours from chapters 1-81.  The book of Chanok changed my life, answered questions that had and filled in many gaps that are in the standard 66.  Every time I read any portion of Chanok, I am in awe.

I encourage every one to buy the Eth Cepher!  In many of the studies that I will be posting soon, I reference the Eth Cepher many many times.  BTW, the only thing I get in sharing about the Eth Cepher is joy, joy, joy, joy!

Today I was looking through some graphics I created for Chanok and am sharing them with you:

chanok-9_3_4 chanok-39_5_7 chanok-40 chanok-43 chanok-4_6 chanok-48_2_3 chanok-48_4 yahuah-tsevaot