Overcoming Emotional Eating

Here again, I was standing in the pantry, looking through the shelves, thinking “there has got to be some chips in here somewhere.  Where are they???”

I didn’t need them.

But I was stressed. Or maybe depressed. Or feeling hopeless. Or defeated…or something.

Whatever it was, I needed a distraction and chips seemed to be the perfect solution.  Finally, I spotted them and as I started reaching for them, I felt YAHUAH’s Spirit saying “pray through.”

Pray through?  Why?  Pray what?

Slowly I walked out of the pantry and began to pray.

This happens frequently, almost daily in some form.  When I was pregnant with our second daughter years ago, I read about emotional eating and I started paying more attention to what, when and why I was eating.  Keeping this focus has helped many times over the years.  Sometimes I succeeded and sometimes I failed.

Recently though as I was thinking about how much discipline it takes to stay in Ketosis (I‘ve been off and on Keto for over a year now).  I realized it’s not just my own choice to use self-control, but in that moment that I want to eat something, I have other choices.  The choices are: to pray asking for YAHUAH’s help in the situation(s) that is/are going on; to praise because it takes the focus off of me; and/or to stand still because sometimes it is a spiritual battle, therefore speaking The Word does helps mightily.

YAHUAH is helping me to see that food cannot solve the problem, nor can it help.  It rather causes more problems.  When I choice to indulge in eating chips (I cannot eat just one), I usually feel my blood sugars go up very high nearly immediately (Diabetes 2 runs in my family and praise YAHUAH through diet I have been able avoid it), my stomach might start to feel like there are rocks in it (which happens with many chip brands) and if I continue over a few days/weeks then I will have weight increase.  Is the temporary, deceitful, empty filling of chips and the momentary perceived satisfaction really worth it?


Following YAHUAH’s leading is the best choice to make.  Not only does it do away with the physical consequences but every time I choose to submit to Him and lean on Him, I grow more in relationship with Him.  I’ve seen Him fight battles and change situations around.  As I choose to become humble and pray to Him saying that “I don’t know what to do” or “this is too much for me” and allow His peace to rest in me, I know that I can stay free from emotional eating.  Should I fall, as it sometimes happens, I can make a Life-Turn and get back on track with Him again.

I love the effects of choosing to not let food be my comfort!  I am gaining a stronger and closer relationship with Him, relying on His comfort brings that peace, and His Set-Apart Spirit that destroys the power of the enemy.