The Purpose of YAHUAH’s Goodness

YAHUAH has a purpose for everything.  Nothing is without a perfect and distinct design.  However many times we just don’t see it.  The other day while reading through the book of Romans, Chapter 2 Verse 4 jumped out at me!  It was speaking to my heart saying “don’t you know the purpose of YAHUAH’s goodness (quality of being good), His forbearance (His act of refraining from giving me the penalty rightly due to me caused by my sin) and His long-suffering (His patient endurance of my sin)?”

YAHUAH’s purpose of goodness is for me to repent and to become in right relationship with Him, not through any of my works but simply by my belief in His only brought forth son YAHUSHA Messiah!

Shabbat Message: For His Glory

I don’t know about you, but this has been a rough week.  Like extremely rough. Daily fires, battles, tempers flaring, arguments, hurts, misunderstandings…for what? Why? Alone and forsaken I felt.  Somethings have seemed like thorns that keep getting deeper and deeper.

But the truth is…

YAHUAH was right there every moment.  He has a purpose in everything.  When we are at our weakest point, in our worst state, in what looks like impossible circumstances, YAHUSHA Messiah’s strength is perfected.  Through all of it YAHUAH implores us to seek Him in Spirit and Truth.  To seek His face.  We must be born again and receive the Set-Apart Spirit and turn our focus off of the wrong things – realizing that these things are for HIS Glory.

This week’s Shabbat Message For His Glory was strength for my discouraged soul and I pray it will be for yours too.