Recognizing YAHUAH’s Unseen Hand

Often I pray for YAHUAH to lead me in this or that.  I ask Him to show me His will.  I ask Him to speak to me.

When I ask, I expect to hear a voice loud and clear.  But more often than not, it’s the gentle whisper or nudging that I hear instead.  Sometimes YAHUAH speaks through different things as well (books, movies, other people’s blogs).

Earlier this week, our day started out a little rough with two kids unhappy with a breakfast I had made.  I started to fuss at them but since I have been praying to speak with grace so as to edify the hearers (Eph. 4:29 & Col. 4:6), I choose to follow the gentle nudging to let the issue go.  A short time later we had an interruption that was about 1 hour of our day.  Just when I thought we were headed in the right direction and as I was preparing some items for my husband all the power went out.

So further unexpected adjustments were needed in our day.  While we were on our way dealing with an issue, I felt a gentle nudge that we had forgotten something very important.  Instead of listening to the nudge, I reasoned it away, only to return for it an hour later.

Frustration continued to mount as I could not find the item.  While looking for it, I felt the gentle nudge to do something different.  I wasted 15 minutes not listening, but instead panicking.  Finally, I cried out loud “YAHUSHA help me!”  Then I felt a gentle nudge but it felt more like a weight on me giving the same direction again.  So this time I listen and victory was immediate.

I believe with all my heart that YAHUAH speaks many times but I choose to rationalize or think way too hard about what I am being lead to do or not do.  I have to make the choice to recognize YAHUAH’s unseen hand in every moment of the day.  Not just in the big moments but in the mundane moments too.  I might just avoid some frustrations/issues in life later.