He Always Hears Me

  He Always Hears Me

If I could,
I’d climb the uppermost mountain in the world.
I’d stand on its uppermost peak
and I’d shout as loud as I could:
Followed by,
What do You want from me?
What is going on down here?
What is the purpose of pain?
What is the purpose of loneliness?
What is it that I need to do differently?
What is Your purpose for me?
What is Your plan for this situation?
What do You want me to do?
What are You going to do with all the wickedness that is abounding?
What changes do I need to make?
What do I need to do to know that You are here?
What have I done to displease You?
What can I do for Your mercy?
If I could,
I’d climb the highest mountain in the world.
I’d stand on its highest peak
and I’d yell as loud as I could:
YAHUAH, CAN You hear me?
Followed by,
Where are You?
Do You see me?
What are You going to do about this situation?
Where are other believers?
Where is my deliverance?
When are things going to change?
What’s wrong with me?
Why is there so much pain in life?
If I could,
I’d climb the tallest mountain in the world.
I’d stand on its tallest peak
and I’d bellow as loud as I could:
How am I to live my life before You?
How do I let my light shine, in times like these?
How do I encourage my husband?
How do I reassure our kids?
How can I better example?
How can I be a better friend?
How can I make better choices?
But instead,
I lay down,
realizing that I don’t need to go anywhere.
YAHUAH hears me.

He hears me
But I don’t always hear Him.
I miss His voice.
I miss His voice because I am looking in the wrong places,
I miss His voice because I am too busy,
I miss His voice because I don’t want to accept His answer,
I miss His voice because it doesn’t sound like I want it to-
you know the one we all listen for –

But He speaks through the smallest of whispers,
He speaks through the tears of a friend,
He speaks through the prayers of a husband,
He speaks through handmade cards,
He speaks through the cords of a song,
He speaks through the smiles of a child,
He speaks through the strangest of dreams,
He speaks through the unexpected hugs-big and small,
He speaks through the chirping of the birds,
He speaks through the tear-jerking moments in movies,
He speaks through the beauty of the sunrise,
He speaks through the calm in a storm,
He speaks through the closed doors,
He speaks through the open windows,
He speaks through the testimonies of overcomers…
Through all my questions,
My worries,
My fears,
My sorrows
My tears
He always hears me.

Written by: A Joyful Womanhood 6/15/2019 4:00pm

Shabbat Message: Great Is His Faithfulness

Where is my focus?
What kills my faith?
Why am I lonely?
Where am I casting my cares?
What can I choose to allow into my heart?
What must I believe?
What am I worried about?
Where do I get encouragement?
Who is my light?
Where do I put my trust?
Whose joy is in me?
Whose am I?
Where do I find strength?
What am I finding my joy in?

I know I have had the very same questions and maybe you have too. What are we to do with our questions? Where are we to turn?

Today’s Shabbat Message Great Is His Faithfulness, is straight from the heart. We all have faith but we are only flesh. In life, we all deal with Anxiety, Fear, Loneliness, Discouragement and Lack of Joy-but that is not the end. YAHUAH the Father and YAHUSHA Messiah (Christ) His Son is there with us. In fact, HIS word has many promises of hope.

I invite you today, to hear of our heavenly Father’s Faithfulness and His love toward You today, in Great Is His Faithfulness.


YAHUAH Who Sees Me

For a long time, I had felt I was in a valley.  Life was not terribly horrible, but emotionally I felt in a valley.  I felt alone.

Then a few Sabbaths ago, I knew I had to do one thing…

Lift my eyes.

My lifted eyes, met YAHUAH’s eyes of love and grace.

He was there with me.

The valley was necessary for me.  Instead of looking at the high mountains, the rocky cliffs, the deserts and potential things waiting to destroy me, I had to look up.

By looking up, I was taking my eyes off the situations, circumstances and potential storms, and seeing our Heavenly Father – YAHUAH – who is above and aware of all – and whose eyes are always on me.