Who Was She? Encouragement from the Lives of Women in the Scriptures


In my youth when I would read the scriptures, I would make a mental note of the women, especially since there are not that many of them.  When we do read of women, in many cases not much is known about them.  In the last few years, I have taken time to think about a few women as I have been able to learn more about them and see how I can learn from them.  The standard 66 book bible misses some key women and points in the lives of others.  The Eth Cepher  which contains 87 books (21 that were taken out of all Scriptures that printed after 1611 when mass printing began in order to make the Scriptures lighter) has numerous stories and so much more information.

For example, in the  Eth Cepher the story of Tsipporah is given background and her role in Mosheh’s life (by the way did you know Mosheh was once a King) is way more profound in the book of Yashar (Jashar).   Here we learn of her bravery and courage before she married Mosheh.  She is even called one of the righteous daughters after Sarah, Rivqah,
Rachel and Le’ah (Yashar 78:8).

In another story and one my most favorite is that of Judith.  A virtuous, wise woman who YAHUAH helped to deliver Yisra’el from the hand of the Assyrians!

Recently I read a story about two wives (wives of Yishma’el), neither have names mentioned however their actions and attitudes are worth learning from.

I also, I read about Sarah in the book of Toviyahu (Torbit) whom married seven husbands, but they all died the night of the wedding!!!  Her story is quite intriguing and her deliverance is wonderful.

In almost all of the women I study, I found that they were BAD and MAD:

bad-copy mad-copy

In most cases they sought YAHUAH, they prayed and are remembered for their righteous.  I also found that they did not sin to win.  In the world today, sin is abounding more and more however, according to YAHUAH we do not have to sin.   Through Your heavenly Father YAHUAH and His Son YAHUSHA HAMASHIACH we can be over-comers.

From a few of the women we can learn how not to be as women, wives and daughters of YAHUAH.

I am working on a new studies every and chance I get, however, I have two studies finished so far and they will be posted in the next coming days:


Tsipporah: A Righteous, Courageous, YAHUAH Fearing Woman


by the hand of a Woman: the remarkable story of Yahudith (Judith)

The Book of Chanok

A few years ago, my husband told me about a scriptures that he was going to order that contains all original 87 books of the bible (the standard well known bible only contains 66).  We have an Apocrypha which contains a few of the books but there were a few that were not included in it either, such as Chanok (Enoch), Yashar (Jasher), Yovheliym (Jubliees), Toviyahu (Torbit), the books of Baruk and others.

This scriptures is called Eth Cepher.

A few days after my husband told me about it, arrived.  At first I was unimpressed and totally not interested.  The Eth Cepher is very heavy and a bit on the expensive side.   However, the next morning, which was Sabbath, I sat down and started reading the book of Chanok.  The book of Chanok, was written by Chanok, whom we know as Enoch, and he is called A Scribe of Righteousness.

Some of the things in Chanok include:

  • The Heavens described in detail – YAHUAH’s throne
  • The Elect One – YAHUSHA!!!!!
  • Where lightening, rain, thunder, etc. come from
  • The messengers who took wives on earth and corrupted it!
  • Noach’s birth
  • Chanok’s words to his family

My husband was a little sick that day and asked that I read aloud.  I read for nearly 8 hours from chapters 1-81.  The book of Chanok changed my life, answered questions that had and filled in many gaps that are in the standard 66.  Every time I read any portion of Chanok, I am in awe.

I encourage every one to buy the Eth Cepher!  In many of the studies that I will be posting soon, I reference the Eth Cepher many many times.  BTW, the only thing I get in sharing about the Eth Cepher is joy, joy, joy, joy!

Today I was looking through some graphics I created for Chanok and am sharing them with you:

chanok-9_3_4 chanok-39_5_7 chanok-40 chanok-43 chanok-4_6 chanok-48_2_3 chanok-48_4 yahuah-tsevaot