Who Was She? Tsipporah – Final Words


Shalom Sisters in YAHUAH,

I pray that you have been blessed, encouraged and strengthened by this study of the uplifting glimpse into the life of Tsipporah.  We should strive to be ready with eagerness to spread the bread of YAHUAH’s Word, to point those who thirst to the water of the well which never runs dry that is full of salvation through YAHUSHA HaMashiach.  We must be able to see in the Ruach what YAHUAH reveals to us and be ready to act as He leads us, to help others. As followers of YAHUAH and His Son YAHUSHA we must rest in knowing that He has our greater good at hand, even if it means being moved away for a season or two for the purpose of safety.

I pray that YAHUAH our Elohim would bless the work of your hands and use you in ways you never thought of, only for His esteem. 

Remember you don’t have to sin to win but rather you can be:

bad-copy mad-copy

 Without losing yourself and/or harming others.

 This study on women in The Scriptures is not over! By YAHUAH’s leading I will be doing more scripture studies – specifically for women!  I want to thank my Husband for proof-reading this study for me and our oldest daughter for her help with the graphics!

 Shalom and may YAHUAH Blessed You!