30% off Essential Oil

Again 30% of all essential oils!  This sale is all month long (while supplies last)!



I have been buying from Beeyoutiful for over a year now and I love their products.  The shipping is low, prices are reasonable but their customer service is OUTSTANDING!  In every part of the ordering status, someone is sending out status updates about the order.  I love it.  In a day when things are so automated and unfriendly, Beeyoutiful, is very customer friendly.

In addition to oils, I have purchased:

  • Beeyoutiful Balance™ – 2 oz – a natural progestrone cream, that works without any side affects.  I tried a brand on amazon.com that was a complete waste of money!  This one lasted longer than I thought and it worked to help restore hormonal imbalance.
  • Cinnamon – I am cinnamon lover and their cinnamon is wonderful.
  • Fennel – if you have ever wondered what the secret is to great sausage (clean and kosher of course), it is fennel.  Beeyoutiful’s Fennel is cost efficient and it comes in a big sealed bag (so if you buy it, put the fennel immediately in a glass jar so it won’t lose it potency)

Another important feature of Beeyoutiful that I like that their specials are for an entire month long.  No getting frustrated because a great sale ends in one day..no I can plan to enjoy a sale for a whole month.

Furthermore, I like that I earn “Bee Points” for each order and points for reviews.

So what are you waiting for!  Stock-up as you are able to do!

**I am not an affiliate of Beeyoutiful.com, I am just passing along a great deal.  I received no “Bee Points” or discounts for my post.