Who Was She? Hadurah & Serach


Our next women in the “Who Was She” Study are actually a mother and a daughter!!!! Yeah! This story is found in Yashar 45:12-18 and Yashar 54:86-100.  If you do not have a Cepher, I encourage you to get one, as this is just one of the many stories about women and this is just a summary.


It is rare to read about a mother and daughter in the scriptures but here we find Hadurah and Serach.  Hadurah was the daughter of Aviyam’el, the granddaughter of Eber,and the great-granddaughter of Shem.  Although we aren’t told how old she is, we read somethings about:

yashar45_14_15Her husband Malkiy’el, who was the son of Eylam, and the grandson of Shem.  Nothing else is mentioned about him other than that he died shortly after the birth of Serach.  After the death of her husband, Hadurah returned to her fathers house.

Throughout our marriage, my husband and I have always agreed that our home will always be open to our children.  In today’s world, many parents can’t wait for their child(ren) to turn 18 and leave.  Then they quickly down size their home, many move away.  Why is that?  Does parenting end when our child(ren) leave home?  Shouldn’t they always have a place of safety?  If a father is truly his daughter’s covering, shouldn’t there be a place for her to return, if needed?

Alright back to Hadurah.

Now, Asher (son of Ya’aqov) had married Adon a Yishma’elite, but she was barren and died.  We are not told when, how and/or why she died, just that she did.  Some time later, Asher goes to look for another wife, across the river.  This is where he encounters Hadurah.  We don’t know how they met, how long he was over there but he noticed her for two reasons:

The scripture says that she had a comely appearance.   Meaning she was attractive, nice to look at she kept herself up, even though she was a widow, she still kept living.  This is a challenge in the that world we live in today.  Many women today confuse being “seductive” with attractive.   A woman who is showing how sexually attractive she is, is showing that she is good for basically one thing.  Enough said.

But a woman who is attractive, takes care of herself, and does not worship the image of herself.  This is the type of woman that Hadurah was.  She was undoubtedly modest.

Hadurah is known for having common sense, dictionary.com says this about common sense:

noun – plain ordinary good judgment; sound practical sense

adjective – inspired by or displaying sound practical sense

Hadurah had good practical judgement or sense.  She wasn’t silly, she more than likely wasn’t wasting her time, doing silly things.  She was known for her good sense!

So Asher takes her for a wife!  He also became stepfather to Hadurah’s daughter, Serach,

yashar45_17I remember our daughters at age three.  There were and are so adorable!  Three is such an exciting age, full of wonder, giggles and joy.  I imagine that Serach’s smiles radiated everywhere.

To follow in the lifestyle of someone else, she had to be an obedient girl.  I can see her singing before YAHUAH, dancing with the women, excited keeping about the Feasts and helping prepare for Shabbat.  The great wisdom and understanding that YAHUAH gave her, shines later when we read of her again.

YAHUAH blessed Asher and Hadurah with four more children – Yimnah, Yishvah, Yishviy and Beriy’ah, all sons.

After Yoceph reveals himself to his brothers and sends them to get their father, he tells them to be careful about how they tell Ya’aqov that he is alive. “And commanded them, saying, When you come unto the land of Kena’an, do not come suddenly before my father in this affair, but act in your wisdom.”  Yashar 54:89

The brothers do just that because just as they reach home they see Serach coming out to greet them.  Serach is approximately 21 years old by this time and here again we see the hand of YAHUAH and fruit of her mother in her life:

yashar54_92She was cunning, wise and discerning in the things that she did.  Her uncles and father give Serach a harp and tell her what to say as she goes to play before Ya’aqov:

yashar_54_95As she continued playing the harp and repeating the words, Ya’aqov heard her and after she said them three times, joy entered into his heart at the sweetness of her words and the Ruach Elohiym was upon him and he knew her words to be true. She didn’t burst through the door, shouting “Grandpa, grandpa, Yoceph is alive, Yoceph is alive.”  She did not run and tell everyone what she was doing either.  She didn’t gather a crowd to bring attention to herself.  She did what she was told to do and being subtile she cleverly and sweetly sang as she skillfully played the harp.

Then Ya’aqov blessed her saying:

yashar54_98That’s all we know of Hadurah and Serach that I have found.  What a blessing it is to read about a mother and a daughter, who were so sweet and known for their sense, wisdom and worship of YAHUAH.  May our words gladden the hearts of those around us and bring revival to YAHUAH and YAHUSHA.

Soon we learn more about Rivqah (the story of a mother and son), Yishma’els two wives – Riv’ah (Meriyvah) and Malchuth.