Homeschooling Resources




Homeschooling requires resourcefulness!  Below are some of the resources I have found and as I find more, I will post them here.

Blogs I like to read:

There’s No Place Like Home – this has become a recent favorite.  Shelley’s article have been very helpful.  As a mother of many children, living on one income and homeschooling, her wisdom is sound.  Furthermore as busy as she is, she responded to a question I had (many times I send an email to a variety of people and they never get answered)

Year Round Homeschooling – a wealth of information and encouragement

Homeschool Creations – one of first homeschooling blogs I have followed!  Her yearly and mid-year reviews are extremely helpful.

EdSnapShots – very encouraging articles, podcasts on numerous homeschool topics

Homeschool Legal Defense Association – the first thing we did when we started thinking about homeschooling was get on their email list, which contains so much information.  For last few years we have paid for a membership, which is well more than worth the price!  We stay aware of homeschool issues, challenges and successes across the world through HSLDA.

Deals, Giveaways and Freebies

Homeschool Give Aways

Free Homeschool Deals

Thriftbooks –  used books for a small amount, plus free shipping for orders over $10 and get a $5 reward for every $50 you spend! AWESOME!!!



Teaching Resources:

TeacherTube – education videos, lesson plans…all  created by teachers!  This is a very valuable resource – FOR FREE!  Make playlists, create playlists, documents…truly an invaluable resource.

Viewpure – are you tired of all the junk in the side bar and the crazy comments in the youtube view you are trying to show your children?  Well, all you have to do is find the video you want, copy the link and put it in the Viewpure purifier and then watch your video without all the other stuff!!


By Subject:

Evan Moor – I used a few of their books for reviewing, good straight forward!

Narration and Reading Comprehension

How to Implement Narration


Excellence in Literature


Kids World Travel Guide – this site is new to me but appears to be an excellent resource


Horizons – I have used Horizon Math and Phonics books for 8 years.  I have used Horizons Math for Kindergarten thru Fourth Grade and Horizons Phonics for Kindergarten thru Second grade.  FYI, Horizons curriculum is about 1 year ahead of grade level, so if you are experiencing any frustrations just know that you may need to do things differently.  Although I have switched to TT from 3rd grade on up (more teacher friendly) and used a number of other curriculums for grammar/phonics, I still favor using Horizons in the early years.

Teaching Textbooks – I recently switched to TT when our oldest daughter went into the 6th grade and I wish that I used TT earlier!  I believe many of the frustrations that we had early on in math would have been lightened if, I had just ignored the cost and bought it anyway.  I suggest having the child take the placement test before just buying at grade level, because they may be ready for a higher level of math.  For the 2016-2017 school year,  I bought TT7 because I thought I should just go up the levels, well within 2 weeks of using it our oldest daughter who is in the 7th grade complained she was bored.  I flipped to several pages in the book and told her to do them. She did, with ease.  Then I contacted TT and asked them what I should do.  They said to have her take the Pre-Algebra placement test.  She scored extremely high, so we spent another $184 and bought Pre-Algebra for her.  I do believe that using Horizons helped her to be able to do math better, even though it was difficult in grade 3 and 4.






Guitarmann – we had our daughter (who taught herself guitar), in guitar lessons for a short time but then decided to try Guitarmann.  Our daughters musical talents have blossomed greatly and she is able to have a teacher when she wants one, not just 1x a week for 30 minutes!  She uses Guitarmann about 3-4 times a week for about 1-2 hours!