What YAHUAH is Teaching Me Through Our Children

I’ve always wanted to be a mother and I am thankful that YAHUAH has given us five wonderful kids.  Before we had kids, I never thought that I could learn from them.  However, as the years continue to pass, I am finding that YAHUAH is teaching me many things through them.

Our Oldest Child (Daughter): I am learning to accept and to let go

I’ll never forget the day, our daughter said, “Why can’t you accept my hair the way it is!”  I believe her hair looks awesome pulled up in a ponytail, but she doesn’t like it like that at all.   Since that day, I accepted that she is different from me and she can like her hair.  In many ways she is different from me.  She likes to build, she plays guitar and piano, she is very independent.  I accept her the way that she is and was created and I don’t try to fit her into my box of opinions.

At one point we were struggling in homeschool.  One of our daughters was pretty sick and it affected our school day.  I didn’t want her (the sick daughter) to feel left behind, so I would wait to do our group subjects until days that she felt good enough.  Well our oldest daughter, was ready to take off.  She was absorbing everything around and she was starting to feel like she was being held back.  So instead of making her continue to wait for her sister to feel better, I began to let her work at her own pace.  In many subjects she completed her work so efficiently, that I had to create additional assignments for her!  The more I let go, the faster and easier she began to grow.  Now she is in the 9th grade (completing 10th grade work), she is composing music and prepping for college!!!!

Our Second Child (Daughter) – I am learning to see beauty is everywhere

Until our second daughter was born, I didn’t like pink, flowers were okay and I barely noticed anything pretty.  However as a baby she loved pink and pretty things.  Now as a 12 year old, she sees beauty in every sunrise and sunset.  She notices the flowers blooming, the myriad array of colors in everything and the smallest detail catches her attention.  I never noticed YAHUAH created such beauty, even, in creepy crawly things, until He blessed us with her.  She is also our resident weather lady, science and history buff.

Our Third Child (Daughter) – I am learning that I need joy

On my first ultrasound, with our third daughter, she appeared to be bouncing around waving.  She is usually smiling and bouncing around exploding with joy all day.  She is a continual reminder that “The joy of YAHUAH is my strength.”

Our Fourth Child (Son) – I have learned that nothing is beyond repair or reuse

I call him “Mr. Fix-it”, our fourth child, shows us continually that although something looks like it is broken, it is often fixable.  He is often fixing remote control cars and  creating something out of “junk or trash.”  YAHUAH is in the business of fixing us all the time.  When others see that we aren’t worth their time to help, YAHUAH sees us as a person, ripe for His re-molding.

Our Fifth Child (Son) – I am learning about Grace

One day when our first son was about 9 months old, I was swinging him, next to a lady who had two sons.  As I watched them, I saw that our son needed a brother and so in that moment, I prayed that YAHUAH would give us a son.  A few weeks later, we were pregnant again, with a son.  From his birth this son, has been very demanding.  He automatically stands up for his-self, he is very attentive but he can be a big challenge too.  As I watch him and sometimes wonder what I could do better, so that he will act better, I remember Grace.  Even when I am at my worst, YAHUAH still loves me.  He doesn’t withhold the sun shining because of my actions but in spite of me, He showed His love by sending His own Son to die for my sins;  Grace.  Even though sometimes I feel like I can’t take the challenge of our son, I realize that he needs another Measure of Grace.  Sometimes I just hug him.  Sometimes I have him help me do chores.  Sometimes I simply overlook his actions, knowing that this phase must surely pass (one day).  We know that YAHUAH has a Great Purpose for him, so we often pray for him and let him know that We Love Him No Matter What.

I believe YAHUAH is teaching us in every situation and through many people.  If we just take time, open our eyes and see His hand and His voice are with us, directing us everyday.


Who Was She? Dorcas: Known

“Now there was at Yapho a certain Talmidy named Tseviyah (Dorcas), this woman was full of good works and almsdeeds which she did.”

“…and showing the coats and garments which Dorcas made, while she was with them.”

Based Ma’aseh (Acts) 9:26-43

Tseviyah (Dorcas), was known for the good things that she did and the things that she made with her hands. Tseviyah (Dorcas) is a great example of the Proverbs 31 woman who made things, who had a good heart, she helped others and but mostly she was known for her fear of YAHUAH.

What will we be known for?

What attitudes will we be known for?

A while ago, I made a chart to contrast the wicked and virtuous woman. Which kind of woman do you want to be known for?

Wicked   Virtuous
Do not meet with a harlot, because you will fall into her snares.  Ecc. 9:3   Forego not a wise and good woman: for her grace is above gold. Ecc. 7:19
Give not your being to harlots, that you do not lose your inheritance. Ecc. 9:6   Have you a wife on your mind?  Forsake her not; but do not give yourself to a light woman.  Ecc. 7:26
Turn away your eyes from a beautiful woman and do not look upon another’s beauty; for many been deceived by the beauty of a woman; for herewith love is kindled as a fire. Ecc 9:8   A wise daughter shall bring an inheritance to her husband: but she that lives dishonestly is her father’s heaviness.  Ecc 22:4
Sit not at all with another man’s wife, nor sit down with her in your arms, and do not spend your money with her drinking wine; because your heart will turn to her, and so through your desire you will fall into destruction.  Ecc. 9:9   In three things I was beautified, and stood up beautiful both before YAHUAH and men; the unity of the brethern, the love of neighbors, a man and a
wife that agree together.  Ecc. 25:1
Wine and women will make men of
understanding to fall away: and he that cleaves to harlots will become impudent. Ecc. 19:2
  Blessed is the man that has a virtuous wife, for the
number of his days shall be double.  Ecc 26:1
She that is bold dishonors both her father and her husband, but they both shall despise her.  Ecc. 22:5   A virtuous woman rejoices her husband, and he
shall fulfill the year of his life in peace.  Ecc 26:2
Thus shall it go also with the wife that leaves her husband, and brings in an heir by another.  For first, she disobeyed the law of The Most High; and secondly, she hath trespassed against her own husband; and thirdly, she hath played the whore in adultery, and brought children by another man.  She shall be brought out into the congregation, and inquisition shall be made of her children.  Her children shall not take root, and her branches shall bring forth no fruit.  She shall leave her memory to be cursed, and her reproach shall not be blotted out.  And they that remain shall know that there is nothing better than the fear of YAHUAH, and that there is nothing sweeter than to take heed unto the commandments of YAHUAH.  Ecc 23:22-27   A good wife is a good portion, which shall be given
in the portion of them that fear YAHUAH.  Ecc. 26:3
I had rather dwell with a lion and a dragon, than to keep house with a wicked woman.  Ecc 25:16   A silent and loving woman is a gift of YAHUAH; and there is nothing so much worth as a mind well ins-tructed.  Ecc. 26:14
The wickedness of a woman changes her face, and darkens her countenance like sackcloth.  Her husband shall sit among his neighbors; and when he hearth it shall sigh bitterly.  Ecc 25:17-18   A shamefaced and faithful woman is a double grace, and her continent mind cannot be valued.  Ecc.
All wickedness is but little to the wickedness of a woman: let the portion of a sinner fall upon her.  Ecc 25:19   As the sun when it arises in the high heaven; so is the beauty of a good wife in the ordering of her house. Ecc. 26:16
As the climbing up a sandy way is to the feet of the aged, so is a wife full of words to a quiet man.  Ecc 25:20   …A married woman is a tower against death to her husband. Ecc. 26:22
Stumble not at the beauty of a woman, and desire her not for pleasure. 
Ecc 25:21 (must be more than beautiful for a man)
  …An Elohimly woman is given to him that fears YAHUAH.  Ecc. 26:23
A woman, if she maintains her husband, is full of anger, impudence, and much reproach.  Ecc 25:22   …An honest women will reverence (respect) her husband.  Ecc.26:24
A wicked woman abateth courage, makes an heavy countenance and a wounded heart: a woman that will not comfort her husband in distress makes weak and feeble knees.  Ecc 25:23   …she that is shamefaced will fear YAHUAH.
Ecc. 26:25
Give the water no passage; neither a wicked woman liberty to gad about.  If she go not as you would have her cut off from your flesh, and give her a bill of divorce and let her go. Ecc. 25:25-26   A woman that honors her husband shall be judged wise of all.  Ecc. 26:26
A shameless woman shall be counted as a dog; Ecc. 26:25   The beauty of a woman cheers the countenance, and a man loves nothing better. Ecc. 36:22
An evil wife is a yoke shaken to and fro; he that has hold of her is as though he held a scorpion.  Ecc 26:7   He that gets a wife begins a possession, a help like unto himself, and a pillar of rest.  Ecc 36:24
A drunken woman and a gadder abroad causes great anger, and she will not cover her own shame.  Ecc. 26:8   Where no hedge is, there the possession is spoiled and he that hath no wife will wander up and down mourning.  Ecc 36:25
The whoredom of a woman may be known in haughty looks and eyelids.  Ecc. 26:9   Children and the building of a city continue a man’s name: but a blameless wife is counted above them both.  Ecc. 40:19
If thy shameless, keep her in straightly, lest she abuse herself through over-much liberty. Ecc. 26:10   A capable wife is the crown of her husband…
Mis 12:4
An harlot shall be accounted as spittle; Ecc. 26:22   Houses and riches are the inheritance from fathers, but an understanding wife is from YAHUAH. Ecc. 19:14
A wicked woman is given as a portion to a wicked man: Ecc 26:23   Who does find a capable (virtuous) wife? For she is worth more than rubies.  Mis 31:10
A dishonest woman conteneth (regards with distain); Ecc. 26:24   The heart of her husband shall trust her, and he has no lack of gain.  Mis 31:11
A shameless woman shall be counted as a dog; Ecc. 26:25   She shall do him good, and not evil all the days of her life.  Mis 31:12
…but she that dishonors her husband in her pride shall be counted unelohimly of all. Ecc. 26:26   She shall seek wool and flax, and with delight she works with her hands.  She shall be as the ships of Tarshish, she brings in her food from afar.  She also rises while it is still night, and provided food for her household, and a portion for her girls.  She shall consider a field and buy it; form her profits she shall plant a vineyard.  She shall gird herself with strength and strengthen her arms.  She shall taste when her grain is good; her lamp does not go out by night.  She shall stretch out her hands to the dist-aff and her hand shall hold the spindle.  She shall extend her hand to the poor, and she shall reach out her hands to the needy.  She is not afraid of snow for her household, for all her household is dressed in scarlet.  She shall make tapestry for herself; she is dressed in fine linen and purple.  Her husband is known in the gates, when he sits among the elders of the land.  She shall make fine linen and sell them, and shall give girdles for the merchants.  Mis 31:13-2z4
A loud crying woman and a scold shall be sought out to drive away the enemies.  Ecc. 26:27   Strength and splendor are her garments, and she re-joices in time to come. .  Mis. 31:25
Keep a sure watch over a shameless daughter, lest she make thee a laughingstock to your enemies, and a byword in the city, and a reproach among the people, and make you ashamed before the multitude.  Ecc. 42:11   She shall open her mouth with wisdom and on her tongue is the Torah of kindness.  .  Mis. 31:26
For from garments comes a moth; and from women wickedness.  Ecc. 42:12   She watches over the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness.  .  Mis. 31:27
Better is the churlishness (meanness) of a man than a courteous woman, a woman, I say, which brings shame and reproach. Ecc. 42:14   Her children shall rise up and call her blessed; Her husband too, and he praises her:  “Many daughters have done nobly, but you have risen over them all.”  Ecc. 31:28-29
For why should you, my son, be captivated by a strange woman, and embrace the bosom of a foreigner? Mis 5:20   Loveliness is deceptive and prettiness is vain, a woman who fears YAHUAH is to be praised.  Ecc. 31:30
To guard you against an evil woman, from the flattering tongue of a strange woman.  Do not desire her prettiness in your heart, neither let her captivate you with her eyelids. Mis 6:24-25   Give her the fruit of her hands, and let her works praise her in the gates.  Ecc. 31:31
For because of a whore one is brought to a crust of bread.  And an adulteress hunts a precious life? Mis  6:26   In the same way, wives, be subject to your own husbands, so that if any are disobedient to the Word, they, without a word, might be won by the behavior of their wives, having seen your blameless behavior in fear.  1 Kepha 3:1-2
(the Torah) To guard you against the strange woman, against the foreigner who flatters with her words.  Mish 7:5   Your adornment should not be outward – arranging the hair, wearing gold or putting on dresses – but the hidden Man of the heart, with the incorruptible ornament of a meek and peaceable spirit, which is of great value before Elohim.  1 Kepha 3:3-4
And look, a woman met him, dressed like a whore, with a hidden heart. Mis 7:10    
She was boisterous and stubborn, her feet did not stay at her own house. Mis 7:11    
With her many words she leads him astray, with her smooth lips she seduces him. Mis 7:21    
…(a wife) causing shame is like a rottenness in his (her husband’s) bones. Mis 12:4