Who Was She? Hannah: It Was Time

We all know the story of Hannah very well (found in 1 Shemu’el (Samuel) 1:2-2:21) , however today I’m sharing my own Hannah story. My story is a bit different because I was not barren (at that time we had three daughters and one son) and nor was I being tormented by someone else for that barrenness.

One day when, our first born son was about 9 months old, I took him and his sisters to the park. While I was swinging him on a swing, another mother came with two boys both under 4 years old. I observed how the boys interacted with each other and I said in my heart:

“YAHUAH, I don’t want another child right now. But I see that our son needs a brother. So if it is in Your will, please allow us to have another son.”

At that time, I didn’t want to have any more children. Our first born son had WPW w/ SVT, so I was tired of the challenges it brought as well as the challenges of pregnancy. With him, I had multiple issues which included a Near Death Experience and I had no desire to go through that again. Lastly, my husband and I, due to all the stresses weren’t on the best of terms.

Still I prayed. Setting my fears and desires aside, I prayed.

The next month, I was pregnant. Months later we learned that this baby was a boy!!!

All of our children are unique, with special callings. This last born son, however, has a call on his life. We don’t know what it is and how YAHUAH will use him but I am telling you, this boy surprises us all the time.

Many times in the mornings, after I do our scripture reading and ask the kids what they learned from what they heard, he applies the word accurately in his responses. Two years ago, when I started having Girl Time with our daughters, he made me a card telling me “thank you for blessing my sisters” – he was only 4 years old!

Weeks can pass between the times when we have focused on one scripture topic and have moved on to the next, but then he will apply something in the past to the present correctly! Like Shemu’el (Samuel) in the bible, we know that he hears YAHUAH and that YAHUAH hears him.

Like Hannah, YAHUAH had a time for Shemu’el and for each of us, He has a time for everything.

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