Getting Rid of Spiritual Constipation

I didn’t know there was such a thing until earlier today, when I was feeling spiritually stuffed up.  I felt like there was a blockage somewhere.  I started to feel sluggish – spiritually hopeless and depressed.  I sat down on a chair and held my head.  Worry began to plague me and I started counting down the hours when I could go back to bed…


I started remembering the Word of YAHUAH.

I started thinking of His faithfulness and goodness.

I started thinking about how He is in control and aware of everything.

I started thinking that maybe I need to trust Him more.


I was able to sit up and continue on in my day.  I was able to smile at our kids and serve our family, with a sincere heart of love, instead of being consumed by worry and fear.

Yes, I believe we can be spiritually constipated with the cares of the world, with sin, with doubt, with fear, with unforgiveness, with bitterness, with anger, with guilt, with hate and other things.  However, YAHUAH’s word which is sharper than any two-edged sword is able to clear through all of that if we let it.  YAHUAH’s word repeatedly says “Let this mind” or “Let the peace” and it is our choice, to let The Word in.

When we let the truth of His Word pour through our hearts, those things that are hindering our forward movement can be destroyed and eliminated in our lives.  When we clear out all these things, then His love can move through us and bless others.

So, today if you are feeling spiritually constipated today, reach for the medicine which can give you life again and heal your inner most being!

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