The above verse was one that I memorized as a teen.  Recently it has been in the forefront of my mind and here are some key points that are making this verse living for me right now:

Trust – which is the opposite of worry.  Worry that’s what have been doing.  But here, I need to trust “in” “YAHUAH” – not the problem, circumstance, issue or more importantly – myself.

With ALL – not a little a part, not a crumb, but all – TOTALLY open to YAHUAH

Your Heart – this is the what I need to trust YAHUAH with.  Our heart harbors our feelings, fears, hopes, dreams, expectations, disappointments, hurts and pains.  I must choose to allow YAHUAH into all those places…

Lean Not Unto Your Own Understanding– I cannot depend on myself.  My understanding is limited and clouded by all kinds of stuff.  My own understanding can lead me in the wrong paths.

In All Your Ways – just like the heart – in every area, in every way – thought, action, word, deed – everything I must choose whether to follow YAHUAH or myself.

Acknowledge Him– Change of focus, away from my own understanding, trusting in YAHUAH.

He Shall Direct your Paths – in response to me placing my trust in Him, giving Him access to all, and by my choice to focus my all on Him and away from the situations or  circumstances – clearly directing all of my focus toward Him –  YAHUAH will control my paths in life.

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