Recognizing YAHUAH’s Unseen Hand

Often I pray for YAHUAH to lead me in this or that.  I ask Him to show me His will.  I ask Him to speak to me.

When I ask, I expect to hear a voice loud and clear.  But more often than not, it’s the gentle whisper or nudging that I hear instead.  Sometimes YAHUAH speaks through different things as well (books, movies, other people’s blogs).

Earlier this week, our day started out a little rough with two kids unhappy with a breakfast I had made.  I started to fuss at them but since I have been praying to speak with grace so as to edify the hearers (Eph. 4:29 & Col. 4:6), I choose to follow the gentle nudging to let the issue go.  A short time later we had an interruption that was about 1 hour of our day.  Just when I thought we were headed in the right direction and as I was preparing some items for my husband all the power went out.

So further unexpected adjustments were needed in our day.  While we were on our way dealing with an issue, I felt a gentle nudge that we had forgotten something very important.  Instead of listening to the nudge, I reasoned it away, only to return for it an hour later.

Frustration continued to mount as I could not find the item.  While looking for it, I felt the gentle nudge to do something different.  I wasted 15 minutes not listening, but instead panicking.  Finally, I cried out loud “YAHUSHA help me!”  Then I felt a gentle nudge but it felt more like a weight on me giving the same direction again.  So this time I listen and victory was immediate.

I believe with all my heart that YAHUAH speaks many times but I choose to rationalize or think way too hard about what I am being lead to do or not do.  I have to make the choice to recognize YAHUAH’s unseen hand in every moment of the day.  Not just in the big moments but in the mundane moments too.  I might just avoid some frustrations/issues in life later.

Behold – Now It Shall



When I started working on this graphic, my focus was on the word BEHOLD, but when I typed the word “Now” I noticed something I never have before.  Now implies that there is a time for everything.  It wasn’t time for a change prior to this point but NOW-NOW is the that time YAHUAH is going to do something and guess what?  It’s not hiding, we don’t have to search for it, we just have to open our eyes and see it!!!

Shabbat Message: He’s Given You All Now It’s Your Turn

YAHUAH has done so much in our lives.  He has given us so much.  He doesn’t ask much of us, but like the master that gave his servants talents, YAHUAH has a purpose for everything in our lives.  That purpose is to bear fruit.

How can we bear fruit in our lives?  Why should we want to bear fruit?  Shouldn’t we keep what we have to ourselves?  Why do we choose to hold back fruitfulness in life?  Are we lazy?  Are we afraid?  What will be the end result of playing it safe and keeping blessings to ourselves?

Hear all the answers to these questions and a challenge in this weeks Shabbat Message: He’s Given You All Now It’s Your Turn

Who Was She? Miykal – Courageous, Wise and Witty

Most of my life I have only heard people focus on one aspect of Miykal (Michal) one of King David’s wives but recently as I was reading about King David with our children, I found several attributes of her that are awesome.  The story is found in 1 Shemu’el (Samuel) 19:8-17.

The last time that Sha’ul threw his javelin at David, Sha’ul sent messengers to watch David at his house and to kill him in the morning.  When Miykal learned of her father’s plan, she encouraged David to save his own life immediately.  She helped him by letting him down through a window and then she made it look like David was in the bed sick.  Even when her father asked her why she did what she did-she changed the story to seem like David was trying to save her by leaving.  Miykal knew of her father’s jealously and his wrath no doubt, but still she chose to help David.  She could have gotten killed herself by her own father, yet she risked her life to help him.

How many of us wives, will choose to risk ourselves in order to help our husband?

How many are able to give wise council to help our husbands?

How many can help in whatever ways our husband needs?

There is a scripture I read long ago, that says:

Miykal did not hesitate to be courageous and comfort (help) David.  Rather Miykal choose to be courageous in spite of the danger she faced.  She was courageous.

She was witty and quick thinking.  There was no time to think and make an plan-action!  Action needed to be taken immediately and she did it.

She used wisdom.  Even when dealing with her father, she doesn’t appear to have went into a disrespectful rant.  While we don’t know the complete conversation between David and Miykal prior to him leaving, she made it seem like David had chosen to save her life by leaving, when she answered his question.  Every father would want his daughter to be protected and not be put in a position of being hurt so this reason seemed somewhat okay to Sha’ul.

How can we support our husbands better?

One of the best ways is through prayer.  We can pray for our husbands.  We can stand against the attacks of the enemy and war in prayer on behalf our husbands.

Another way is by making healthy choices.  If there are health issues, we can choose to find ways to be a helper rather than a hindrance.  For example we can choose to fix foods that bring health to our husbands rather than increase sickness upon them.

We can support them in their efforts of work.  We can support them by speaking carefully instead of carelessly.  We can support them by giving ourselves in intimacy.  We can support them by just being a listening ear, instead of a critical one.

Long before I was married I read a book and it said that when most people are listening to another person talk, they are formulating answers or thinking about other things, and they usually miss what the other person is trying to communicate.  Since then, in most cases, I try to turn my “thinker” off and truly turn a listening ear to the speaker.  In most conversations with my husband, I am not formulating what I am going to say.  I am just listening.  Not judging him.  Just listening.

Everyday we can make choices that are courageous, witty and wise.



The above verse was one that I memorized as a teen.  Recently it has been in the forefront of my mind and here are some key points that are making this verse living for me right now:

Trust – which is the opposite of worry.  Worry that’s what have been doing.  But here, I need to trust “in” “YAHUAH” – not the problem, circumstance, issue or more importantly – myself.

With ALL – not a little a part, not a crumb, but all – TOTALLY open to YAHUAH

Your Heart – this is the what I need to trust YAHUAH with.  Our heart harbors our feelings, fears, hopes, dreams, expectations, disappointments, hurts and pains.  I must choose to allow YAHUAH into all those places…

Lean Not Unto Your Own Understanding– I cannot depend on myself.  My understanding is limited and clouded by all kinds of stuff.  My own understanding can lead me in the wrong paths.

In All Your Ways – just like the heart – in every area, in every way – thought, action, word, deed – everything I must choose whether to follow YAHUAH or myself.

Acknowledge Him– Change of focus, away from my own understanding, trusting in YAHUAH.

He Shall Direct your Paths – in response to me placing my trust in Him, giving Him access to all, and by my choice to focus my all on Him and away from the situations or  circumstances – clearly directing all of my focus toward Him –  YAHUAH will control my paths in life.