Who Was She? Deborah, Channah, Edna and Sarah – Restoration, Welcomed & A Revelation

If you have just started reading this awesome story, I encourage you to start at the beginning:

Desperate Prayers,

Instructions of a Father and a Mother Weeps,

Married Again? Is there any hope?

Her Deliverance, His Prayer, One Father’s Joy and Two Parents Worry

Finally Toviyahu, Sarah, Rapha’el and the dog started the journey to Ninevah.  Rapha’el suggests that Toviyahu go ahead of Sarah, and take with him the gall of the fish and put it on the eyes of his father so that his sight can be restored.

As she had done nearly everyday since Toviyahu left, Channah, sat looking for her son.  But this day was different-she saw him and the man that went with him!!!!  She went to tell Tobit:

She ran and hugged her son, both of them weeping  saying:

In my mind I can see the tears streaming down her face, finally she was truly at peace.  Her worst fears banished.  Her joy revived.  Her only son had returned home and that was all she needed.

Tobit (Toviyahu Senior) also stumbled out to see Toviyahu.  He ran to his father and took hold of him and put the gall on his father’s eyes saying:

Tobit rubbed his eyes and whiteness pulled away from the corners of his eyes.  When he saw his son he fell up his neck and wept saying:

Then Toviyahu told Tobit all the things that had happened…when Tobit heard about Sarah, he went out to meet her, and welcomed her:

I can only imagine how happy Sarah was to finally be a wife, and now to be welcomed into by her father in law with open arms.  All were happy and another wedding feast was kept for seven days with great joy.

Eventually Tobit and Toviyahu, start talking about giving Rapha’el his agreed payment.  Toviyahu says that he wants to give him more and his father agrees.  They call Rapha’el and Rapha’el begins to tell them that he has some things to say:

They are left floored!  They did not know that all this time an angel was with them!  Do you remember Tobit’s words when he sent Toviyahu off:

“may the good angel be with you…”

YAHUAH heard their prayers and was moving in their lives when they did not even know it.  How many times has YAHUAH done things in our lives and we did not know He had sent help?  Too many to count.  Reading through the scriptures there are numerous instances where YAHUAH was doing things in peoples lives, directing their paths, sending people – prophets, angels, columns of clouds, columns of fire, opening doors, delivering from the mouth of lions and much more.

All the while Tobit was doing what he was taught to do from his grandmother Deborah-helping others, keeping YAHUAH’s clean food commands, burying the dead, mourning for the sins of his people – YAHUAH had one of the seven Set-Apart Angels watching over him.  YAHUAH had a purpose and a plan.  Tobit’s healings and Sarah’s deliverance were miraculous works of YAHUAH!

Next Toviyahu’s words of praise and final thoughts.

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