YAE: 2017-2018 Curriculum Choices


Our kids are now in grades 8, 6, 3, 1, & K and here are our curriculum choices for 2017-2018.

Group studies, things we will do altogether:

  • Morning Devotion
    • YAHUSHA – parables, miracles and words
    • Armour of YAHUAH
    • The Name Study
    • Sibling Relationships
  • Geography/History – Road Trip USA (learning a brief history of the 50 states)
    • This year I was going to do something else, but then YAHUAH placed it on my heart that I needed to lighten our load and have fun in this area.  Since this is our second time through RTU for 2 of the kids and I wanted to include our kindergartner so, I printed maps from National Geographic for free – each different for each child, which we worked on assembling last week.  Then on Mondays we will do one state, Tuesdays another state, Wednesday’s cooking and/or start a craft project, Thursdays we don’t do Geography, and on Fridays start or finish a craft project.  So far the kids have said “this is fun.”
  • Various Read Alouds
  • Physical Fitness – Family Time Fitness, Walk Away the Pounds, Walking and Park visits

8th Grade

  • Bible – Individual scripture studies
  • Math – Teaching TextBooks – Alegbra 1
  • Language Arts (includes spelling) – Introduction to English Literacy – English Lit 1
  • Science – Apologia Physical Science
  • Music – Guitar
  • Other: German Language, Robotics, Woodcarving, Coding, Photography, Sewing, Knitting, Home Etc.

6th Grade

  • Bible – Individual scripture study
  • Math – Teaching Text Books 6
  • Language Arts – Grammar Workbook by Brookdale House
  • Science – Apologia Zoology 2
  • Other: French Language, Robotics, Photography, Sewing, Knitting, Home Etc.

3rd Grade

  • Bible – Individual scripture study
  • Math – Teaching Text Books 3
  • Language Arts – Shurley English
  • Science – Apologia Zoology 2
  • Handwriting – Cursive
  • Other: Spanish Language, Robotics, Photography, Sewing, Knitting, Home Ec

1st Grade

  • Bible – group devotion
  • Math – Horizons 1
  • Language Arts – LifePac 1st Grade
  • Science – Various Subjects into Engineering, Various Hands on Science, Participate in Apologia Zoology 2
  • Handwriting – Manuscript


  • Bible – group devotion
  • Math – LifePac K
  • Language Arts – LifePac K
  • Science – Various Subjects into Engineering, Various Hands on Science, Participate in Apologia Zoology 2
  • Handwriting – Manuscript

Stem and Crafts – These are two areas that I have worked to incorporate more time in our schedule.  My plan is to have a different thing  for each child to work in on, then rotate that activity to another child (age appropriate of course) after 3-4 weeks.  This way no one has to stop building in order to give the activity to someone else.  In the areas were the activity is targeted for a specific child, that child will have time to develop their talent/skill/interest (ie guitar, sewing, woodworking).  So here are things I have so far:

Lego Machines

Snap Circuits

Gravity Maze



Crafting – for our 10 year old who prefers crafts

Every couple of weeks I plan to add 1-2 new items such as: woodworking, Simple Machines, robotics, a rock nature pack and more crafts as the kids interests develop

I also have hands on teaching time in the kitchen with each child (a different one) each.  I also take time and  play games with each child one on one.  I am also starting back our “girl time” that we started last year.

I will be sharing more details on all the above soon!

2 thoughts on “YAE: 2017-2018 Curriculum Choices

  1. Shabbat shalom, I’m a mother of 4 and as I was studying to find out what the righteousness of y’all was I came across your site and I seen that you had homeschooling and wonderful devotionals for women. I’ve been LED recently to start home-schooling my children here in Florida because of the crazy and evil agendas that they have for our children. I have an 11 year old that is starting the 6th grade a 10 year old that is starting the 5th grade and a three-year-old that needs to be in Head Start. My oldest recently graduated and is on her way to college in Ohio. My question for you is what curriculum do you use for 5th graders and three year olds I’ve seen the curriculum that you use for 6th grade but was curious about what curriculum you would advise for a 5th grader and a three-year-old. I’m just out of place where I am relearning about the most high and how we as women are supposed to train our children up in the way they should go having for knowledge of this but never executing it in my life I seen nowadays the agenda that they have on our young people and I am totally against it. So I am preparing myself to get curriculum together so that I can finally homeschool my children learn more about them that I don’t know have more time with them and actually planned road trips that will be educational for them and fun. I love your website I love your devotional I will start ASAP. Upon my quest to be more like our heavenly father my desire is to know exactly what is Yah’s righteousness? Thank you and Shalom to you and your family.


    1. Good evening!

      I am glad to hear that you are choosing to homeschool. Welcome to a wonderful adventure with great rewards!

      5th Grade Recommendations

      Bible –
      I read the bible story or by chapter then I explain to the what happened and what YAHUAH wants us to do/know or how to apply it personally.

      On their own starting in 1st grade they look up verses, then move on to reading chapters, then other studies. For 5th grade I would recommend if your daughter is not familiar with reading the bible herself Explore the Word (0n the blog). I have another study that goes through the 1st covenant and includes Chanok, Yashar, Yovehilym – it is being edited and will be posted soon.

      Others that I’d recommend: Anything from Not Consumed

      LA/Grammar –
      5th grade – Root Words, Thoughtful Learning Company (https://k12.thoughtfullearning.com ) or Shurley English (https://www.shurley.com)

      Reading – I began teaching our oldest to read at 3 ½ using Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. We complete the program as it was written in 6 months. But I changed it as each child’s needs were different. Some weren’t ready for the handwriting part, so we only focused on reading. I spent 1 year to 1.5 with each of the other 5 kids. I made flashcards for all the words in the ½ of the book and we reviewed those on Monday, then Tuesday did part of the lesson and completed it as they were able.

      Spelling – I pull the spelling city from the national spelling bee and divide them up by the number of weeks we will complete. Monday write 5x, Tuesday Dictionary, Wednesday – Use in a sentence, Thursday Computer Review for free on SpellingCity, Friday Test (sometimes I test using SpellingCity)

      Math –
      Horizons Math 5 – aop.com
      I love Horizons but it is about 1 grade ahead, so some can find it challenge but I feel it is the best Math we have used and are still using for some of our kids.

      I have also used LifePac, but prefer Horizons.

      Teaching Textbooks – good because it is on the computer and will grade automatically but weak on memorization, so I have had to add drills (free – aaamath.com), free flash cards etc.

      Mammoth Math 5 (but that is a mastery program – meaning the student keeps reviewing the same topic until it is mastered).

      Geography – http://www.confessionsofahomeschooler.com/u-s-geography

      Road Trip USA – I have used this 3x now and this year was the best year. I printed large maps off at the beginning of the year, we put them together and then the kids added a car when we studied that state. Since we have a wide range of children, I kept the lessons short. We did 2 states a week, sometimes we did the crafts, sometimes the cooking (or our own recipes), we played geography review games (Professor Noggins) and I gave further assignments for the kids to do, since we finished half way through the year.
      • A State Report
      • I found a few US artists that had acceptable artwork, I read about them on Wikipedia, showed the kids a few of their works, then they either re-created or colored the picture I picked
      • The older three had to create their own “state” with all the details as if it were in an atlas (they loved this).
      • We studied the three branches of government and had assignments:
      o Study election process (the basics only), pick something you would run for, see what the qualifications are and make an election poster
      o Compare and contrast the current candidates
      o Judicial – Learn about the Supreme court – write a report on one of the Judges
      o Executive – Learn the basics – the compare our election process with that of another country (only for older two girls
      National Parks Study – they pick a park, nature area, learn about it, then teach us about it (older three only) Monday-Wednesday they use the computer, then they present on Thursdays.
      Animal Report
      One was a basic animal report
      One is a detailed presentation, with pictures, using PowerPoint
      The younger ones played Geography games on SheppardSoftware.com, completed coloring pages, dot to dots, puzzles, etc.

      A Child’s View of Geography – very good, will be doing it next year with the younger three.

      Science – https://www.apologia.com/

      Apologia is my favorite Science Curriculum . I also add the kits to do the experiments from Homeschool Science Tools. So far we have done-
      Astronomy, Zoology 1 , Swimming Creatures, Human Anatomy – as a group and next year will be doing Zoology 2 and Botany with the younger three.
      In 7th grade I let the kids be more independent if they did well in 6th grade doing grammar independently. So in 7th grade they do General Science on their own, with the Notebook and I over see the experiments, in 8th grade Physical Science (which can count as a high school credit), 9th Biology, 10th/11th Physics or Chemistry.
      Some people make lapbooks to go with the curriculum which can be useful:


      History –
      I have used many history curriculums-it depends on what she has already learned and what you prefer to teach.

      From Adam to Us by Notgrass (https://history.notgrass.com) is what I will use for the younger four for world history and I think it is very good, I am very excited to use it and for our High Schooler they will do the World History for High School on their own. If you want to check them out, they have a free preview packet which includes Lesson 23 – that clearly states that the Heavenly Father has a name. I do like that they do not have a lot of pagan elements, it is easy to follow, easy to leave out anything concerning without missing stuff and anytime I have a question they respond quickly.

      For three years we did America History by time period with major events. I looked up the historical moment, found video or books to read, we did crafts, etc. They pretty much notebooked every day (used a basics spiral notebook to take notes, draw pictures, etc) through the three years. It was good but a lot of work for me. I plan to post the time periods with what we read/do soon.

      Mystery of History – we did this 1x, but it has too much pagan stuff in it. And I don’t want to study other people for several years (it is a 4 year curriculum). Some people like it, I don’t.

      Journey into Africa – I bought this before the author stopped printing it. The kids enjoyed it and still sing the songs, I plan to add some parts of this to our world history/geography study.

      I read aloud daily while the kids are eating lunch, here are some books we’ve read most recently:
      • Encyclopedia Brown
      • Skating with Statute of Liberty
      • Turn of the Tide
      • Sugar
      • A+ Attitude Series
      • One Crazy Summer
      • PS be Eleven
      • Gon’ Crazy in Alabama
      • Kizzy Ann Stamps
      • Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH
      • Ms. Rapscott’s Girls – I changed something’s as I read it aloud
      • Ms. Rapscott’s Making Mistakes on Purpose- I changed something’s as I read it aloud
      • Little House on the Prairie
      • Pathfinders: The Journeys of 16 Extraordinary Black Souls by Tonya Bolden
      • Home Is With Our Family by Hansen, Joyce

      We will also be doing a nature journaling, using this ladies suggestions:

      I plan to use this art program this next year some time:

      viewpure.com – I use this if I am using a video from youtube.com – it will purify the video and get rid of the mess.

      I plan to use this with our daughters soon: https://www.thediligentwoman.com/product/to-be-a-handmaid-of-the-lord/

      I like this but haven’t used it yet:

      Lastly, follow her interest and let her discover what she likes.

      Here are some resources:

      Rainbowresource.com – they will help with any questions. I order from them 1st, then amazon

      Timberdoodle.com – I have followed their recommended curriculum’s for a long time

      EvanMoore – good resource

      Academic Excellence or Seton Testing – if you are required to test

      HSLDA – Homeschool Legal Defense Association – a must have!

      I will be posting other recommendations and reviews soon on the blog. Please let me know if I can be of further help.


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