My Multi-Allergy Friendly Baking Mix (GF, Nut Free, Corn Free, Tapioca Free)

When we first started this gluten-free journey more than a year ago, I was completely overwhelmed in trying to duplicate our meals.  I read several books that said it is better to make your own blends but then it listed bags of flours to buy of which I had never heard of.  Those books they suggested to use a scale (of which I have yet to do).  I was discouraged at the cost of the flours each, so I tried to stay with blends.

So I bought several different blends and used them for about 7 months.  I tried Pamela’s but it is quite expensive, especially if you bake a lot.  Then I found Domata, which was great and worked well, still a bit expensive but then we found out that one of our children is allergic to Tapioca Flour and Starch.  We discovered this when I made a cake of tapioca flour, it made her mouth burn.  Also the Glutino cookies, crackers and all processed GF foods we found had the same ingredient!


tapioca-flour-cake gf-order domatapizza





So then I found a blend on Sarah’s GF Blend, but switched the Tapioca Flour for Arrowroot Flour/Starch and recently have omitted the xanthan gum (because one child has a corn sensitivity too, xanthan gum maybe grown on wheat or corn!).  In many recipes I use 1 egg white as a binder per 2 eggs, in place of the xanthan gum.  Dr. Axe more info about xanthan gum, plus other substitutes.

So my blend is currently free of wheat, corn, nuts and tapioca.  It is an All-Purpose Multi-Allergy Free Blend and works in everything I have tried.

Here it is:

4 c. Bob Mills Brown Rice Flour

1 c. Bob Mills Sweet Rice Flour or White Rice Flour

1 c. Bob Mills Sweet Sorghum

**2 1/2 c.  Bob Mills Potato Starch (not Potato Flour)

3/4 c. Bob Mills Arrowroot Powder

Mix in a big ziplock bag or storage container.

*Sometimes I used 2 c. Sorghum instead of the white rice flours.  As per Sarah Bakes, using the Brown rice and White rice will create a lighter texture, but I find that using 1/2 white rice and 1/2 sorghum to be the perfect blend.

**I order Bob Mills Potato Starch from usually 4-6 bags a month

Anyways, I like having the different flours on hand because I freedom to create many different recipes.  Bob’s Mills flours have great recipes on the back, like Yellow Cakes that have White Rice, Tapioca (I use Arrowroot) and Potato Starch, so in many recipes having the flours gives great flexibility in baking.

I also use coconut flour, buckwheat flour, garbanzo bean flour and I make our oat flour from oats (just grind in a blend-no need to pay extra for what you likely already have).  In my GF Oat Cookies, I like using oat flour and sorghum the most!

BTW, I get nothing for the links!


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