Who Was She? Tsipporah – Part 1


tsipporah-cover2First she was one of the seven daughters of Re’u’el (Yithro) the priest of Midyan.  We don’t know which one of the seven she was nor how old she was, perhaps the youngest because there is no mention of her sisters later in the story.

Second, while she was out tending to the sheep Mosheh helped her and her sisters.  It is very interesting to know exactly how Mosheh came to this particular well.  In the story we read in most Scriptures, all we know is that Mosheh fled Mitsrayim and it seems as though he went straight to Midyan.  Not so!  Again please read the complete story in the book of Yashar in the Cepher 2nd Edition which will give you even more into the life of Mosheh because the focus of this study is on Tsipporah.

When Mosheh left Mitsrayim, he went down to Kush and helped them fight Aram.  Nine years later, when the King dies in battle the people of Kush decide to make him (Mosheh) their new King over them and gave Mosheh the previous King’s woman (Adoniah the Kushiy) as his wife.   For forty years he ruled Kush, however he never was intimate with Adoniah and he refused to bow down to their mighty ones.  These two facts made the Queen extremely upset so she initiated the process of getting rid of Mosheh as their King and replaced him with her son from the previous King.  Although the Kushiy people were not happy with him as king, he was able to leave in peace and they gave him many gifts in great honor.   Yashar 72-76

Okay now back to Tsipporah…so then Mosheh leaves and goes to Midyan and he sits down by a well.  Along came Re’u’el’s seven daughters to feed their father’s flock.  While the daughters were watering the flock, some shepherds came and drove them away.  However Mosheh rose up and helped the women to water their flock.  The women then returned to their father telling him that “A Mitsriy man” has delivered us from the hands of the shepherds, he drew up water for us and watered the flock.” Yashar 76:18.

So Re’u’el sends for Mosheh to come and he, Mosheh, dines with them.  Mosheh shares with Re’u’el that he had fled from Mitsrayim, that he reigned 40 years over Kush but that the people took the reign from him because he would not go into the Queen (be intimate with her) nor would he worship their mighty ones.

Instead of believing Mosheh, Re’u’el choses to believe that Mosheh fled from the people of Kush so he has him put into prison, thinking surely someone will come looking for him! Yashar  76:22

Now it is Tsipporah’s turn:



In my opinion Tsipporah showed compassion on Mosheh and probably believed that he was innocent.  After all what type of man would help seven women feed their flocks?

So we see that for ten years, somehow Tsipporah fed Mosheh bread and brought him water secretly.   During that time Mosheh surely told Tsipporah all about his life and the Elohim which he worshiped.  A bond must have formed between them and as result she began to believe in YAHUAH.  This is evident in her conversation with her father about Mosheh later on when she reminds her father that Mosheh was put in the prison:

“And Elohiym saw the burden of the children of Yisra’el, and their heavy work in those days, and he determined to deliver them.  And Mosheh the son of Amram was still confined in the dungeon in those days, in the house of Re’u’el the Midyaniy, and Tsipporah the daughter of Re’u’el did support with food secretly day by day.  And Mosheh was confined in the dungeon in the house Re’u’el for ten years.  And at the end of ten years which was the first year of the reign of Phar’oh over Mitsrayim, in the place of his father.


Mosheh was innocent of any wrong doing, however YAHUAH had a purpose for him:  “…for the thing was from YAHUAH, for the period had arrived which he had appointed in the days of old, to bring forth Yisra’el from the affliction of the children of Cham.”   Yashar 76:12

She was also very wise in approaching her father, Re’u’el.  This is an area that many women, including myself can learn from.  She could have told her father when he chose to put Mosheh in prison that she thought he was wrong.  She could have wearied him by continually asking when he was going let Mosheh out of prison.  She could have been loud and telling everyone what she was doing…but she did not.

Sometimes it is not good to bring up issues right away.   Sometimes we have to wait on YAHUAH to tell us when to speak.  Waiting is hard.  Tsipporah waited 10 long years.

Part 2 is up next!


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